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Adidas Men's Soccer Shoes and Cleats

Adidas manufacturers a variety of athletic gear, including adidas men’s soccer shoes and cleats. The following questions will help you learn more about these kinds of athletic shoes.

What are adidas soccer shoes made of?

Adidas shoes are made of both sustainable and recycled materials. A few of these include materials such as polyester, recycled rubber, organic cotton, polylactic acid (PLA), and a fiber derived from wood pulp known as TENCEL. Some of their shoes also use recycled plastic, the same kind used to make water bottles.

What is the basic structure of adidas soccer cleats?

The central component of their soccer cleats is the stud attached to the bottom of the shoes. The accessory is either bladed or conical. The material used to create the stud is usually comprised of plastic, metal, or rubber. Metal stems are combined with another substance so that only the tips are metal. Adidas footwear typically offers products with stems that are either permanently connected or detachable.

Which adidas soccer cleats do you need?

This depends on what you intend to play and where. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Stability and traction: Indoor and outdoor soccer cleats help to provide stability on the field. Having studs attached to the soles of gear can give you traction.
  • Where you play: The type of cleat that you choose depends on whether you are playing on grass or a gymnasium floor. Greenery does not require as much grip, which means that a metal-tipped stud may be more suitable. Indoor playing, on the other hand, may call for a stem made out of rubber for stability on slippery basketball floors.
  • Natural or artificial turf: Turf soccer shoes are footwear made specifically for artificial soccer turf because of the mobility that this type of shoes can provide. Some of adidas' soccer shoes can be worn on both natural and artificial turf.
How do you choose the right size?

One way to determine if your adidas soccer cleats are the correct size is to try them on indoors first. Your cleats should fit comfortably, and your toes should reach within 1/4 of an inch of the end of your footwear. Your toes should not be bunched up, and your feet should not move freely to the extent of a rash forming.

How do you shrink your soccer cleats?

One way to reckon with oversized soccer cleats is to wear thicker socks. Some players may opt to put on multiple pairs of socks to lessen the space between their feet and the cleats. Using an insole and heel strips are other ways to close the gap on oversized soccer cleats.

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