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What You Need to Know About Zyxel Modem Products With Router and DSL Hardware

A modem combo product by Zyxel with a router prevents the need to arrange multiple network devices in one space. The router hardware that's included with the combo product strategically divides a DSL signal among multiple gadgets after a DSL cable is mounted in place. These convenient network tools can be used with a few devices or with multiple products, because this brand uses hardware that manages low and high volumes of data.

What are general combo product features?

Many DSL products with a router that are made by Zyxel are built with hardware that processes 300 Mbps. When one of these devices distributes data, the WPS hardware protects everything after the WLAN configuration phase is complete.

A typical product also has dual stack Ipv6 hardware. Also, depending on the series, an auto detect feature for the networking settings may also be included. Some DSL products may have convenient management and monitoring features as well.

What are the network connectivity options?

Modems that include a router are designed with different hardware components that provide specific connectivity features. The main options are:

  • Wired RJ-45: Wired RJ-45 is a connectivity option that requires an Ethernet cable. The wiring that's underneath the housing on an Ethernet cord transmits all of the information to and from a combo modem. However, in order to use a wired RJ-45 modem, you must use a cord that can reach the modem and each product that has network features.
  • 802.11a: Wireless modems that are built with 802.11a hardware can transmit information to and from equipment within a 60Ghz frequency range. This wireless network option and 802.11ac products have different hardware elements.
  • 802.11ac: Combo products that have 802.11ac components operate on a 5 GHz band. When compared to wireless products with 802.11n hardware, 802.11ac options have enhanced performance capabilities.
  • 802.11n: Network products with 802.11n hardware can transmit information to multiple devices in a location that has a variety of obstacles. The signal doesn't fade easily because 802.11n hardware increases speed and signal strength by using multiple antennas.
What are the LAN port and data rate options?

Most combo modem routers with a router are designed with up to 4 ports. When network hardware lines are connected to these ports, the equipment can transmit information at certain speeds. In most cases, the lowest speed range for LAN products is 100Mbps, and the highest networking speed for LAN options is 1000Mbps. Wireless moderns have multiple tiers and practical data rates. DSL modems that transmit the lowest data have a 54Mbps rate, and the most powerful products operate at 1000Mbps. Mid-range modem routers have a data rate of 300Mbps.

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