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Zone of the Enders

Konami brings mecha combat to the Sony PlayStation 2 with Zone of the Enders. Unlock special battles and enter codes for new powers as you fight your way through this original HD science fiction title. Stoic voice acting and a dark plot line are staples of this game.

What cheat codes are available for Zone of the Enders?

Several cheat codes work with this release:

  • Unlock versus mode by pushing circle, x, right, left, right, left, down, down, up, and up at the title screen.
  • Unlock a series of versus fights by completing the single-player campaign.
  • Get A ranks on every S.O.S. call mission unlocks a special ending sequence even if you use cheats.
  • Play an alternate version of the Zone of the Enders video game in which you sacrifice experience for extended life by pausing it and pushing L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, R1, L1, R2, R2.
Which version of the game comes with anime?

Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo is an hour-long original video anime that serves as a prequel to the story line. It comes with the Japanese edition premium package of the game. The original American version of this release does not include it, though a full English dub of the OVA does exist. This is a way for American gamers to experience the same presentation.

Does Zone of the Enders include Anubis?

Jehuty's orbital twin frame Aumaan Anubis is featured quite prominently in this release. It is one of the orbital frames to use in versus mode if you're going up against AI players without using cheats. Unlike the other orbital frames, it can rip through extra missions without needing the cheats turned on. Some gamers recommend using this mech if you are a beginner.

Does the first episode have all the orbital frames?

This PS2 episode of Zone of the Enders includes all of the major giant robots from this series, which includes those from 2nd Runner. Konami called on Nishimura Nobuyoshi Konami to design a cut scene episode that uses the PS2 graphics hardware to feature each unit in full HD using graphics like those from 2nd Runner. It also features an individual sub weapon for each.

Who is Djehuti, and is he included in this release?

You may have seen fans claim that Djehuti was in either this title or in 2nd Runner, but they are merely misspelling Jehuty. The original name of the Ancient Egyptian deity in question was Djehuti, but the creators of Zone of the Enders decided that the Jehuty spelling sounded more like something that would be in an action title that lets players watch anime scenes between matches. Watch out any time that Djehuti appears in game literature. The fans are either using a pet name for this mecha unit or perhaps making a joke about those who are not careful about their spelling.

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