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Create Stunning Visuals With a Zenitar 16mm Lens

Zenitar is a series of Russian-made lenses and camera equipment that the JSC brand currently produces. The series is well known for its fisheye lenses, but there are other lens types that may be useful to you as well. eBay offers dozens of Zenitar 16mm lenses that are intended to work with many camera models and types.

Are these lenses compatible with different mounts?

Although JSC makes Zenitar lenses that are compatible with the M42 mount, you can also attach them to a Pentax K. You're able to do this because the Pentax K mount has a flange-film distance that is identical to the M42 hardware. Even if your camera does not use either of these mounts, you might still be able to use a Zenitar 16mm lens thanks to an adapter ring.

What are the benefits of a fisheye lens?

A fisheye is a particular type of lens and one that makes up the core of JSC's product line. These lenses create a unique visual distortion around the very edges of the viewfinder as you look through the camera. You can use this feature to your advantage during photography sessions. The following are some of the benefits of a Zenitar fisheye lens:

  • Distortion: Although you might want to eliminate distortion in most cases, there may be instances where this effect adds something to your photos. Try using a fisheye distortion to lead the view to a specific point in your image.
  • Wide angles: You can use a fisheye lens to get extreme wide-angle shots. You can straighten the curves in the shots during post-processing.
  • Portraits: A Zenitar 16mm fisheye can help you get unique portrait shots.
What are the advantages of a large aperture?

Most Zenitar 16mm lenses use the f/2.8 standard. Many in the industry consider this the minimum benchmark for wide-aperture lenses. Using a lens with a large aperture has the following advantages:

  • Dim light: If you have to use a flash to compensate for areas that don't have much light, your photos might have a harsh quality or the light in them might not diffuse well. A lens with a wide aperture can let in more natural light.
  • Depth: Images with a shallow depth of field may have areas that are not sharp or in focus. A larger aperture produces a larger depth of field, bringing more of the photograph into focus.
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