Understanding the Zeiss ZE Lens for Portrait Photography

When shooting portrait photography, it is helpful to be able to capture the finest details of the person or object being photographed. The finest of details can tell a story of a thousand words, and using a Zeiss ZE lens can aid you in the telling of that story. On eBay, you can find Zeiss ZE lenses to accommodate your artistic needs as a photographer.

Does the Zeiss Batis 2.8/18 mirrorless camera lens have autofocus?

Yes. The Zeiss Batis was specifically created with a fast autofocus for mirrorless cameras. It is a wide-angle lens that is compatible with E-mount cameras. The body of the lens is also weatherproof to protect it from the elements of the environment, weather and dust. The lens is also constructed with a coating that is anti-reflecting. Other features of the Zeiss Batis lens include:

  • Metal design: The lens is made of metal to be able to withstand harsh shooting conditions.
  • Full-frame: This lens is crafted for the full-frame mirrorless camera system to accommodate the needs of professional photographers.
  • High resolution and contrast: The Zeiss Batis lens produces vivid colors by the process of minimizing the effects caused by unwanted light.
Which Zeiss ZE lens creates the bokeh effect?

The Zeiss Classic lenses are designed to give each photo a perspective that is shown in great detail with the bokeh effect. The Zeiss Planar T and the Distagon are lenses that are designed to be used by photographers in a variety of lighting environments. Whether the environment is dimly lit or has an excess of light, the Zeiss Classic lenses are designed to grab the detail of your subject to highlight the best features.

Which Zeiss lens should be used for a rangefinder camera?

The Zeiss Distagon T 2,8/15 ZM lens is designed specifically for rangefinder cameras. It is a wide-angle lens that is good for interior and architecture photography. When the lighting conditions are difficult, handheld photography is accessible. There is a standard filter within the camera that produces a vignette effect that is natural. Other features of the Zeiss Distagon rangefinder lens include:

  • Manual focus: With manual focus, you are able to precisely manage the image as you are working. The focus ring is user-friendly, which allows for fast focusing of the image.
  • Metal design: The lens is made of metal to give the photographer an easy grip on the camera and lens.
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