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Zapco Amplifiers

Zapco Audio opened their doors in 1974. Their amp systems are designed to be used with car audio systems. There are Zapco amplifiers that fit different numbers of channels.

What is the purpose of a Zapco amplifier?

The first function of an aftermarket Zapco amplifier for your car audio system is to increase all auditory signals. That includes audio input like the radio, CD player, MP3 player, etc. It takes those signals and boosts their sounds through the speakers. The second purpose of an amplifier system is to improve your overall audio experience. The sound produced by an amp can be loud when desired, and the amp also helps the audio to be generally more clear and the bass resonant. In some cases, it can add more sound capacity to your speaker than what was originally installed.

What is an amplifier channel?

Amps can be categorized by the number of channels they have. That number equates to the number of speakers the amp can support. Expansive systems are more likely to have several channels in order to accommodate a subwoofer as well as multiple sets of speakers. However, systems can also be simple and operate with a single item.

How many channels are available in Zapco amps?

Zapco amplifiers come in several models, so if you have different needs, you don't have to have the same type of amp for every car audio system. There is a variety of options for car audio amps. Some of the channel options you can find include the following:

  • Mono or single
  • Two or double
  • Four or quadruple
  • Five or quintuple
  • Six or sextuple

Some options for models include Zapco Z-150 2LX 2-channel, Zapco ST-204D BT Bluetooth 4-channel, and Zapco ST-105D BT 5-channel.

How does an amp work with a subwoofer?

An amplifier, technically, does not produce sound. Rather, it is a source of power. An amp powers a subwoofer and/or speakers. Subwoofers are used to enhance bass tones that occur at low frequencies. It is not uncommon for people to purchase a Zapco mono-amp purely for use with a subwoofer. You can then use the remainder of the car's stock audio system for the rest of the auditory experience.

How should a Zapco amplifier be cleaned?

A Zapco amp is fairly straightforward to clean. In most cases, it can simply be dusted or wiped off with a cloth. Deeper grooves on the component can have the dust blown from it with compressed air.

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