Guide to Purchasing a Young Chang Piano

With headquarters located in Incheon, South Korea, Young Chang is one of the largest automated piano manufacturers in the word. Producing high-quality pianos, Young Chang was founded as a distributor of Yamaha pianos. These professionally made pianos are for suitable for those just beginning as well as the intermediate pianist. 

Types of Young Chang pianos 

Most pianos will be either upright or various sizes of a grand piano. The proportions of each piano will vary base on the model, but they stay true to the standard upright and grand dimensions. See the manufacturer site for details. All pianos will have a standard eighty-eight keys, and both the upright and grand pianos will have three pedals; very rarely a piano will have two pedals. Benches do not come with all pianos, but there are some listings on eBay that may include a matching bench.  

  • Upright: The piano strings are vertical allowing for a more compact size.
  • Baby Grand: These pianos have horizontal strings and actions and deliver a richer more full body sound.
  • Grand: A classic piano that is typically used by concert pianists and has a much larger size.

Essentials to look for in a piano 

These two points are things you may want to consider before purchasing a Young Chang piano:  

  • Use: Determine who will be using the piano. If the piano is for beginner use, then an upright piano will be an affordable option that will provide a great sound for a fraction of the price of a professional grand piano.
  • Size: Measure the location you wish to place your piano and determine how many times you plan on moving the piano in the foreseeable lifetime of it. Pianos are large but delicate instruments, so it’s best to have them moved by a professional. If you plan on doing frequent moving or are tight on space then you may want to consider an upright over a grand.

What materials are these pianos made of? 

The glossy polish of a classic ebony finish is not your only option when choosing an upright or grand piano. Each piano is solidly constructed of quality wood. These pianos are made of polished oak, spruce, walnut, or cherry wood. There are also pianos with an ivory finish. The piano keys are made of spruce or basswood and the piano wire or strings are made of high-carbon steel. 

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