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Common Features of Yashica Rangefinder Film Cameras

Yashica rangefinder film cameras display two images of the subject until you adjust the calibrated wheel to fuse the images together. Some photojournalists, street photographers, and portrait photographers use this type of camera for their work.

What is a rangefinder camera?

This type of camera has a range-finding mechanism that measures the distance from your subject. Most of these cameras show two images of the subject. One of the images moves as you turn the calibrated wheel. Once the subjects mesh together, you can read the distance. Many of these cameras have a leaf shutter. The leaf shutter has evolved since its invention, so you may find that the mechanism varies among cameras. What it does is determine if light reaches the sensor. Its blades open and close as the shutter is used.

What film formats are available?

Most Yashica cameras of this camera type support 35 mm film. See the manufacturer site for details. You can find film formats for this type of camera ranging from 35 mm to large-format press. Medium-format film is approximately 6 cm wide. Some medium format film comes with a paper backing. The formats for cameras with a rangefinder are:

  • 35 mm
  • 120 film
  • Medium format film
  • Large format press
How do you choose a film camera?

When you're looking for a film camera, you should consider how large you need the pictures to be. Do you plan on printing posters or do you want to have smaller prints? If you want to create poster-size prints, then you need a camera that uses either medium or large film. For photos smaller than a poster, you can go with 35 mm film. Here are some considerations:

  • Photography type: portraits, landscapes, sports, street, or something else
  • Lens: choose between a fixed lens and a swappable lens
  • Light meter: a built-in light meter is a must-have item for some photographers
What are common features of this film camera?

Common features of this type of camera include an integrated viewfinder, a brightline frame in the viewfinder, and zone focusing. The field of view is usually slightly larger than the camera's lens. As a result, the camera shows some of the image outside of the frame. Some have magnifications more than 0.8x. Filters can be used with this type of film camera too. Possible features you'll find in the company's rangefinder camera are a 35 mm lens, an automatic parallax correcting frame line, a rubber lens shade, a focusing ring lever, and a moving needle indicator on the light meter. They often have ASA speeds of 10, 16, 32, 50, and 100. Since the company has been around since the 1940s, you can find vintage options as well.

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