Needlecrafts and YarnShop eBay for Needlecraft Online

The term “needlecraft” describes any craft made with a needle, from knitting and crochet to embroidery, needlepoint and cross-stitch. Most people undertake needlecrafts for the meditative quality of working with one’s hands, and the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a project. If you’re shopping for needlecraft supplies online, eBay is the best place to start.

Working with Yarn

A lot of crafters get into knitting because they fall in love with the many sizes, textures and colors of yarn. If you shop yarn online on eBay, you’ll find a huge variety of colors and materials to choose from, including cotton yarn, wool yarn and cashmere yarn. You can even buy a yarn lot if you require multiple skeins! But eBay isn’t just the place to buy yarn online—it’s also where you’ll find all the supplies you need to turn those raw materials into something beautiful and practical!

Stock Up on Needlecraft Supplies

If you’re a beginning knitter, consider starting out with a knitting kit—many include all the tools you’ll need, such as knitting needles. If you prefer the intricate patterns of crocheting, a crochet kit, complete with crochet hooks, might lend some inspiration. Looking for something with a bit more vintage charm? Macrame, that popular ’70s trend, is back in style, and it’s a fun way to make planters and wall hangings using yarn, cord or rope.

Working with Thread

Yarn is great for cozy scarves and sweaters, but more delicate needlecraft projects call for thread. Needlepoint kits will usually have the thread included, while needlepoint patterns allow the crafter to choose the thread. Embroidery thread is often the thread of choice for cross stitch, and cross stitch patterns and cross stitch supplies are in abundance on eBay—not to mention cross stitch kits.

Embracing Embroidery

Another needlecraft embroidery thread is great for: embroidery, of course! Browse for whimsical embroidery patterns that suggest a bygone era of handkerchiefs and beautiful table linens. You can choose to use hand embroidery supplies or, if you want that old-fashioned look with modern convenience, a home embroidery machine, such as a Brother embroidery machine, will have those craft projects finished in no time.