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Yamaha Tenor Saxophones

A saxophone is a metal wind instrument with a single-reed mouthpiece. The tenor and alto are the two most commonly used saxophones, especially in jazz and dance music. While the alto is pitched in E, the tenor is pitched in B, meaning the tenor will sound half an octave lower than its alto counterpart.

What are the quality types of Yamaha tenor saxophones?

There are three Yamaha saxophone quality types:

  • Student: This Yamaha model provides playability and weighs the least out of all models. They are typically non-ribbed and recommended for beginners to use. They are similar in size and construction to intermediate saxophones so that players can transition between the two when they are ready.
  • Intermediate: The intermediate level horn feels heavier than a student sax and has some features in common with a professional saxophone. The ribbed keys will feel similar to a seasoned player, but it will not produce exactly the same quality as professional models.
  • Professional: These Yamaha models offer a professional-level tone, response, playability, and intonation. They have a substantial amount of intricate handwork, like hand-hammered keys and hand engraving on the bells. These are the most advanced type of saxophone, and therefore, they are most suited for seasoned and experienced players.

What are the body types of Yamaha tenor saxophones?

There are two tenor saxophone body types:

  • Ribbed: In this type of tenor saxophone, the keys are permanently soldered onto the body of the horn with strips of metal. It reinforces the instrument and may deepen the pitch of the horn. However, this type of construction adds weight to the instrument, so it is not often found in student-grade saxophones.
  • Non-ribbed: These types of tenor saxophone keys are attached to the body with small hinges instead of being soldered. This does not reinforce the sax or add weight to the instruments, so it is typically found in student horns. It may produce slightly higher-pitched notes than ribbed saxophones.

What are the types of Yamaha tenor saxophone finishes?

There are two types of finishes for these tenor saxophones:

  • Lacquer: Clear lacquer is the standard finish for most tenor saxophones. It allows the natural brass to shine through. However, colored lacquers are now available on professional-grade instruments if desired. This finish does not alter the sound of your Yamaha tenor saxophone.
  • Plating: While lacquer doesn’t change the sound, plating does. Silver-plated instruments will produce a brighter tone. Gold-plated saxophones produce a heavy, warm tone.

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