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Yamaha Boat Propellers

Boat propellers function by converting their rotational movement into the thrust that propels the boat forward. These fan-like mechanisms typically have three or more blades that spin around a central shaft, which is located on the rear of the boat. Since Yamaha propellers come in many different materials and styles, you should consider the features and handling specifications you desire before purchasing.

What are the materials used to make Yamaha boat propellers?
  • Aluminum: This propeller material works well for most casual boating needs. Aluminum propellers come in limited styles and shapes, and is most often used in rigs with 2 to 225 horsepower output.
  • Stainless steel: These propellers are thin and come in many different styles and shapes to fit all boating needs. These propellers are also highly durable, so they will last for many years.
  • Painted stainless steel: These Yamaha props offer the same benefits as regular stainless steel propellers, but are coated with paint for aesthetic appeal.
What are the styles of Yamaha boat propellers?
  • Three blades: This type of propeller usually comes standard on small and mid-size Yamaha boats. While these propellers are not typically used on high-horsepower rigs, they still offer reliable performance. Propellers with small pitches in this style allow for precise maneuverability, while large pitches work well for casual boaters.
  • Four blades: This style of prop allows your Yamaha to reach high speeds quickly. These propellers hold traction well while steering and help handle the boat easily and safely at high speeds. This style is typically used on large rigs and recreational boats.
What are some features of Yamaha boat propellers?
  • Shift Dampener System or SDS: This Yamaha prop addition absorbs the sounds, force, and vibrations from shifting gears. It provides a quiet ride, making it perfect for fishing, cruising, or docking.
  • Saltwater SDS: This feature is custom-made for Yamahas routinely used in saltwater and offshore rigs. It provides enhanced handling and performance in rough, choppy water with large waves. This type of propeller also allows for long cruising time and high fuel efficiency. This type of propeller is ideal for high-horsepower rigs and pontoons.
  • V Max: This propeller addition has a ventless design with high-performance and a single-inch pitch. The pitch means the distance between each blade is small, allowing for precise handling and maneuvering on large rigs. The V Max is an excellent option for cruising, sporting, and fishing boats.
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