Questions About the Yaesu FT 2000

If you're a dedicated amateur radio operator, with a lot of friends to keep up with all over the globe, you need a radio transceiver with lots of power and great features like the Yaesu FT 2000. eBay offers a wide selection of quality amateur radio transceivers like the Yaesu FT 2000, which would make a great centerpiece for your home radio station. With 100 watts of power and many useful performance features, a good transceiver can keep you connected to your ham radio friends.

What are the key features of the Yaesu FT 2000?

The Yaesu FT 2000 offers a number of great features, including the following:

  • 100 watts of power: 100 watts of power output (25 watts on AM) on 160-6 meter Amateur bands. A special memory bank with the five 60-meter channels is included on the U.S. versions of the transceiver.
  • Receiver DSP filtering: With variable IF width and shift, you can enjoy precise interference rejection through IF digital signal processing (DSP). Also includes auto-notch, digital noise reduction, and manual notch along with a continuously variable passband contour control.
  • User-adjustable variable TX bandwidth: The FT 2000 gives the user remarkable control over the talk power of your SSB signal and the fidelity with variable SSB bandwidth capability. You can select the best bandwidth for your operating needs. The default is 2.4 KHz (300-2400 HZ @-6 dB). You can also pick 50-300 Hz, 200-2800 Hz, and 400-2600 Hz.
  • 3-band parametric microphone equalizer: A three-band parametric microphone equalizer lets you tailor your speech characteristics. You can adjust the center frequency of the equalization, the frequency spread over where the equalization is applied, and amplitude within the equalization range in each of the three bands for clear audio.
What accessories are available for these transceivers?

There are a number of accessories available on eBay that enhance the performance of these transceivers, including:

  • Filters: YF-122C - Collins CW Filter 500 Hz, 7-pole, YF-122CN - Collins CW Filter, 300 Hz, 7-pole
  • Desktop microphones: MD-100A8X, MD-200A8X
  • Speakers: SP-2000 Speaker
  • Signaling kits: RF Mu-Tuning Kit A 160m band, RF Mu-Tuning Kit B 80/40m band, RF Mu-Tuning Kit C 30/20m band
What's an amateur radio transceiver?

Amateur radio transceivers, often called rigs, are used by licensed amateur radio operators for the popular hobby and communication service that has been enjoyed for decades all over the world. The transceivers keep operators connected wherever they are and can be used as stationary bases, mobile units in vehicles, and hand-held transceivers or "walkies." All types of amateur radio transceivers can be found both new and pre-owned on eBay.

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