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Xbox Live Subscription Prepaid Cards

The Xbox Live service from Microsoft provides members with access to a wide range of online and local features. Many features require only Silver membership, which is free, but some features - such as the free games provided each month for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One - require Xbox Live Gold membership. Xbox Live Gold prepaid subscriptions are available in 30-day, 90-day, and 12-month cards.

Which consoles does Xbox Live support?

  • Xbox 360: All Xbox 360 consoles are supported, including the Xbox 360 S and E and discontinued models.
  • Xbox One: All Xbox One consoles are supported, including the Xbox One S and X.

Do all gamertags have access to Xbox Live Gold?

  • Xbox 360: Each gamertag on an Xbox 360 must have his/her own active Xbox Live subscription.
  • Xbox One: Xbox One features Gold Sharing, which allows an active membership to be shared across all gamertags.

How do you activate a prepaid card?

The process is similar whether you redeem it on the web or via your Xbox. Prepaid cards can also be redeemed via a QR code if that particular card supports it.

  • Scratch the card in the appropriate area to reveal the digital code.
  • Create an Xbox gamertag through your Xbox or at
  • Log in to your account online or through your system.
  • Select the "redeem a code" option.
  • Enter the 25-digit number revealed on the card and submit.

Can you stack prepaid cards?

  • Yes. Microsoft allows members to stack paid and free Xbox cards for up to three years.
  • Your subscription will be extended by the full value of the card you use.
  • If you have two months remaining, for instance, and you purchase a 30-day card, you will now have three months.
  • You cannot use any card that would put your term beyond 36 months until your total time has been reduced to a point that you won't go over 36 months.
  • If you are already at or beyond 36 months, you cannot use a prepaid card on your account.

How many free games does Xbox Live Gold offer?

  • Gold membership gives you four free games each month.
  • You get one Xbox One game and one Xbox 360 game on the 1st of the month and again on the 16th.

Do you keep your games if your subscription ends?

  • All free games for the 360 are yours to keep and are all backward compatible.
  • All free Xbox One games require an active Xbox Live subscription.
  • If your subscription runs out and you reactivate it, you’ll regain access to all free Xbox One games you’ve claimed.
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