Enjoy Gaming Marathons With an Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply

The Xbox 360 Slim power supply is a separate accessory that provides your 360 Slim console with the energy it needs to run your favorite games. This power supply is available in different formats and with various inputs. You can use eBay to find the Xbox 360 Slim power brick that meets your needs.

What parts do you get with an Xbox 360 brick?

The Xbox 360 Slim power supply comes with several parts you can put together to give your console the juice it needs. The power supply uses cords to connect to the console. When you purchase an Xbox 360 Slim power supply from eBay, you should look for the following items to be included:

  • Brick - This is the main unit that provides your Xbox 360 Slim console with power. It will sit next to your gaming system and light up when in use.
  • Adapter - This cord fits into one end of your power brick and goes into a wall outlet to provide the energy that the power brick will send to the console.
  • Cable - This cord fits into the opposite end of your power brick and connects it to the Xbox 360.
Which AV connections can you choose?

There are a couple of ways your Xbox 360 Slim power supply can interface with the console and your multimedia system. You can use eBay to find power bricks that have the audio-visual connections you want. In some cases, you might find power supplies or cables on eBay that include both connections. The most common options you can find are:

  • RCA - An RCA connector features three prongs in different colors that you can connect to the corresponding inputs on your monitor.
  • HDMI - Your console features an HDMI port that can connect it to the HDMI input on your monitor.
Can you get cables in different lengths?

When you're shopping for your replacement Xbox 360 Slim power supply, you may wish to refine your search according to the cable lengths you want. If you use your console in a large room with open space, a cable that is longer than average may work for your needs. You can also choose a longer cable if you need to set the Xbox 360 Slim power supply far from the console for any reason. Common cable lengths you can find on eBay range from short lengths of up to four feet or longer lengths up to nine feet.

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