Searching for Woodworking Jointers for Your Shop

If you are a woodworking enthusiast or professional, you know how pricy new woodworking equipment purchases can be; searching the worldwide listings at eBay for a used jointer for sale can save you both time and money. Understanding the different types and features of jointers for sale will help you narrow down your options. Vintage used jointers can often be reliable and effective tools for decades.

Types of wood jointers

There are four major types of wood jointers. Determining which jointer will be the right choice for your shop depends upon the amount of floor space you have available in your shop for the jointer, the types of wood you typically use for projects, and the amount of money you are willing to invest in purchasing a used wood jointer. Types of jointers include:

  • Closed stand jointer - A solid tool that offers maximum protection of the machinery components from sawdust and debris, this stand features a closed metal box stand as the base inside which all of the mechanical elements are housed.
  • Open stand jointer - Far more portable than a closed stand jointer, this type lacks a box stand, leaving the motor and machinery open and exposed. Ideal for professionals who need a portable jointer to take to job sites.
  • Benchtop jointer - This option offers some of the benefits of both the closed stand — the motor is housed — and the open stand — it's lightweight and portable. A nice option for smaller woodworking projects as it may not have the capacity to handle long lengths of wood.
  • Tabletop jointer - The wider table portion of this jointer allows you to feed wider and thicker pieces of wood through it; this is a good option for a small shop.
Features to consider when searching for a wood jointer for sale

As a woodworking enthusiast or professional, you should take stock of two key points when purchasing a wood jointer:

  • Table width: Also known as bed width, this determines factor in the size and width of the wood that you can feed into the jointer; a wider table width will give you greater options, but be aware that as the table width increases, the jointer must have cutting edges that have greater precision.
  • Cutting depth: This determines how deeply the cutting edge of the jointer will cut down into the wood to create a level surface overall. A lower cutting depth may mean you will need to make multiple passes of the wood to achieve a level plane.
What should you consider when looking for vintage jointers for sale on eBay?

Vintage jointers for sale on eBay offer both functionality and history. Many jointers built in the early 1900s are still fully functional machines that can be used for your woodworking projects. When looking for a vintage jointer, consider these points before purchasing:

  • Brand: Is it a well-known, respected shop tool brand that will allow you to find replacement parts and manuals for use?
  • Bearings: Do the bearings on the machine run smoothly with no rattling or grinding?
  • Electrical components: Is the motor original or a replacement? Do the electrical components show signs of wear or disrepair?
  • Performance: Does it plane wood evenly? Do the blades need sharpening?