Essential Woodworking Equipment for Everyone

Whether your woodworking jobs are small or large, you will need certain basic woodworking equipment for all your tasks. Owning tools, machines, and basic supplies allow you to turn out professionally finished products or repair any of your wooden items. You can find most of these essential woodworking equipment items used on eBay for a fraction of the cost of new.

Good woodworking tools to own

You will want various tools to handle all your woodworking jobs. These are the basic tools that will suit most of your woodworking needs:

  • Circular saw - A circular saw is a hand-held saw that is used for dimensioning wood.
  • Hand saws - A hand saw is the most basic of woodcutting tools, and every shop needs one. A hand saw is easy to pick up, use, and put down.
  • Woodworking routers - Routers are tools that are used to rout or hollow out specific areas of a wood piece. They are primarily used for cutting designs in wood.
  • Jigsaw - You can cut curves flawlessly with a jigsaw.
  • Power drill - A power drill is useful for any woodworking jobs that require different pieces to be attached to another object.
  • Woodworking sanders - A sander is essential for smoothing out the rough areas of your finished wood pieces.

What kinds of woodworking machines are there?

You will need woodworking machines for many of your woodworking jobs. These are all useful machines you will want:

  • Jointers - A jointer has an infeed table, a spinning head with knives, and an outfeed table. A jointer is used for flattening the bottom of a board so it will pass through a planer and for straightening and flattening a board for it to pass through a table saw.
  • Planers - A planer flattens the tops of the board to specific thicknesses. A planer can be used on both rough lumber and on multi-layered panels. These machines range in size from small, portable machines to large, commercial models.
  • Woodworking shaper machines - Shapers are similar to jointers and planers, but they cut profiles and shapes into wood instead of flattening the wood. A shaper has a head that spins on a vertical shaft with different-sized cutters.
  • Table saws - A table saw is the most frequently used machine in a woodworking shop. It has a flat table, an arbor that holds the motor and the saw blade, and a fence to stabilize the wood as it is moving along the table. 

What supplies should you have in a woodworking shop?

Besides your woodworking equipment like tools and machines, you will also need some basic supplies for your woodworking needs. Items like square measures, tape measures, wood glue, drill bits, nails, screws, pencils, awls, rasps, abrasives, cleaners, solvents, and rags are just some of the supplies you will want to keep on hand.