Wood Surfboards

Surf the Waves on a Wooden Surfboard

Heading out to surf can be a thrill, especially when you have a cool wooden surfboard. The build materials, design, and construction methods used all affect how a board handles itself in the water. You can find a wide variety of wooden surfboards on eBay that may meet your budget and needs.

What kind of wood is used?

Each type of wood offers its own benefits. The lighter types of wood include:

  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Paulownia
  • Balsa

Heavier types include:

  • Mahogany
  • Ebony
  • Oak
How do companies build boards?

There are many types of construction methods developed. They include:

  • Chambered: This consists of hollowed-out wood strips glued together lengthwise.
  • Cold press: On this type of surfboard, you would start with horizontal ribs connected with an internal frame. You would then compress and bend wooden panels to fit the frame.
  • Hollow box: These surfboards typically have an internal frame with ribs that run horizontally, a long stringer, and an exterior piece that gives the board structure. The decks are made of thin strips of wood that are tied together in torsion. Because of the amount of joints involved, these boards have to be fiberglassed to keep them intact.
  • Timber skin: With this system, the inner core and frame may be made out of a synthetic material. A wooden skin is then affixed to the frame.
What are the different types of boards available?

The shape and length of a surfboard can influence its performance. You can choose from many varieties, including:

  • Shortboards: These are usually around 6 or 7 feet in length. Their noses are pointed and their tails are slightly rounded. Shortboards are easy to maneuver while surfing but a bit harder to catch waves with.
  • Longboards: These single-finned surfboards have large, rounded noses and a length of at least 8 feet. Their length gives them the ability to ride small waves.
  • Hybrids: As their name implies, hybrid surfboards are in the middle range in terms of length. They usually have rounded shapes and provide both agility and stability.
  • Fish boards: These short surfboards have distinctive fishtails, and theyre relatively thicker and wider than other types.