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Women's Snoozies

If you enjoy wearing slippers or socks, you're likely to love the comfort and style of Snoozies. Many women have been gravitating toward Snoozies since they came out on the market. Buying Snoozies is simple when you know what's available and you have an idea of what you like.

What are Snoozies?

Snoozies are a cross between slippers and socks. They take the best of both worlds to offer you a ballerina-style slipper that can be worn around the house. They are available in women's sizes, allowing you to seek a cozy option.

  • Slipper: There is all the comfort of slippers when wearing Snoozies.
  • Sock: It slides onto your foot like a sock.
  • Shoe: There is some tread so that they can be worn on the driveway or around the house.
What are some of the features of Snoozies?

Snoozies are cozy and worn similar to slippers. There are quite a few features to know about. You can then decide if Snoozies are right for you and everyone else you know.

  • Soft lining: There is a fleece lining to make Snoozies extra soft.
  • Non-skid: There is a non-skid sole so you won't slip when you're on tile or hardwood.
  • Machine-washable: You can put the Snoozies in the wash.
  • Many sizes: Choose a women's size ranging from small to extra large.
What designs are available?

You can find Snoozies in a variety of different designs. Many people choose to own more than one pair so that they can have Snoozies to wear during the day and at bedtime. Plus, you can always have the ballerina-style slippers available, even if one pair is in the wash.

  • Solid colors: You can find red, white, and many other solid colors.
  • Prints: Polka dots, stripes, and other prints are found.
  • Holiday: Find Snoozies for virtually every holiday, providing you with slippers that spread holiday cheer.
  • Bling: There might be bells, ribbons, and other embellishments on these slippers.
How do you buy Snoozies?

When you want a pair of Snoozies, you should look for a design that fits you and suits your needs. It might also be advantageous to get pairs for other women you know. This will allow you to get a pair for yourself as well as to give Snoozies as gifts.

  • Size: Choose the size of Snoozies that will best fit you.
  • Print: Determine if you want a solid color or print.