Women's Sheath Dresses

Womens Sheath Dresses

A sheath dress is a stylish wardrobe essential that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Some sheath dress designs transition effortlessly from daytime to eveningwear, while some are only suitable for special occasions. Prominent women including first ladies, executives, famous actresses, and pop singers have all been known to wear classic sheath dress designs.

Which characteristics distinguish sheath dresses from other types of dresses?
  • Cut: The cut of a sheath dress is form-fitting. There is likely to be some sort of definition at the waist -- perhaps some darts, seams or a waistband.
  • Length: Womens sheath dress fashions tend to be knee-length. The hemline on a sheath dress can also fall somewhere above or below the knee, perhaps even as low as the lower thigh.
  • Sleeves: When it comes to characteristics that distinguish a sheath dress from other types of dresses, the sleeve type is irrelevant. A sheath dress can be sleeveless, or it can have just about any type of sleeves. Some examples of commonly used sleeve types are short sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves, bell sleeves, and long sleeves.
  • Neckline: A sheath dress can feature any type of neckline. It might or might not have a collar. Collarless, scoopneck, v-neck, surplice, and halter necklines are common.
  • Additional Details: Womens slim-cut sheath dress fashions are often pleated in back to enable you to walk in them. Without a pleat, the slim cut of the dress would force you to take tiny steps. Back zippers are another common design element with this type of dress.
When can you wear a sheath dress?

A sheath dress can be suitable for every season of the year. In fall and wintertime, a long-sleeved wool sheath dress offers you the opportunity to keep warm. In spring and summer, a cotton, silk, or rayon sheath dress can be a cool and comfortable wardrobe staple.

Sheath dress fashions can be suitable for everyday attire or formalwear, depending on the fabric, silhouette and details of the dress. Lace, metallic, or sequined designs are well suited for wearing as party dresses or formal attire. You could wear a black satin sheath dress to a cocktail party. Sometimes a bride might choose to wear a white sheath dress instead of a more formal style of wedding dress.

Many women wear sheath dresses paired with jackets or sweaters to work. There are special considerations when choosing a sheath dress for work, because you want to ensure you choose a tasteful style that is suitable to be worn as business attire. A sheath dress in a houndstooth, floral or colorblock print could be suitable for work, depending on your office culture and the style of the specific dress you are considering.

What are some common brands that make sheath dresses available?

There are numerous brands making sheath dress fashions available. Some well-known designer labels that include sheath dress designs in their womenswear collections are Ralph Lauren, Prada, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs. Some specialty brands that offer womens sheath dress designs are Talbots, BCBG, and Bebe.