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Women's Micro Mini Skirts

The mini skirt existed in several forms and designs before earning its name in the 1960s. The first mini skirts sold under this name stopped around an inch above the knee. Contemporary styles are even shorter in size and are often called micro skirts.

How does one pick a mini skirt?

A micro version of the mini skirt is one that is shorter in length. These mini skirts are suitable for older girls and typically reach a few inches beyond the base of your rear. Some may be even shorter, which is why some compare these skirts to lingerie. You typically need to consider a few factors when picking a skirt.

  • Size - The sizes that you can pick range from extra small to extra large. Mini skirts designed for plus-size women will fit those with wider waists and hips.
  • Color - These skirts come in dark shades like red and black and lighter color like pink and yellow. Some may prefer skirts in polka dots or plaid, too.
  • Style - Styles available include A-line and flared skirts. A flared skirt is one that extends out at the end. Some designers make skirts that have a waistband with material that flares out from the top. With an A-line mini skirt, the fabric or material flares out slightly to form the shape of an "A." Some skirts also hang down flush with your legs.
  • Material - Designers make mini skirts out of different materials, including leather and cotton. A black leather or suede skirt will require more cleaning than cotton does. These skirts also come in additional colors and patterns.
What is a lingerie micro skirt?

A lingerie micro skirt is one better suited for women than girls. These short skirts feature unique accents and designs. Some use a sheer black or white material that is see through when viewed under certain light. Others have features like a tear away design that allows the mini skirt to fall or be ripped off you without suffering any damage. Some of these mini skirts come with additional matching accessories.

What shoes can you wear with short skirts?

One reason women and girls choose shorter skirts is because the skirts pair with so many different types of shoes. A high heel works well because it lifts your legs and can make them look longer. If you want to create a more modest look, you can wear boots instead. Longer boots help create an even balance that doesn't show too much skin. Some women prefer high wedges to achieve a balanced look.

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