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Women's Hobo Bags

Named after traveling tramps' fabric, tied-up bundles, hobo bags are a slouchy, yet sophisticated women's shoulder bag. These comfortable, casual totes are a must in women's closet. These shoulder bags come in a variety of materials, colors, and sizes.

What is the benefit of a hobo?

Hobo bags are usually a mid-to-large-sized tote bag. This style often contains several internal pockets and one or two separated zipper pouches. They are casual enough to be worn with jeans but stylish enough to use at work or when out around town. Their unstructured shape gives them an effortless look. This handbag style holds a lot of belongings without looking full. Due to their single, wide strap, hobos are comfortable and won't dig into your shoulder.

How do you choose the perfect hobo?
  • Select a bag material: Leather and suede are timeless classics. Canvas, nylon, or woven material offer more patterns or fun options.
  • Select a bag color: Choose from popular neutrals like black, white, brown, gray, or navy. Or choose from a full rainbow of colors to highlight your personal tastes.
  • Select a bag size: These can be small, medium, or large.
How do you clean a hobo?

How you clean your handbag depends on the material. The first step, regardless of material, is to completely empty the bag. Once emptied, shake the bag upside down to remove dirt and trash. If possible, pull the interior of the bag out. Either vacuum it or use a lint roller to remove small debris.

  • If the bag is leather: Gently wipe the leather outside about once a week with a damp cloth. You can use a mild soap or just water. Take care that the soap is well diluted and the cloth is not too wet. Also, do not scrub the leather; this could damage the grain. Professionally clean a leather handbag at least once a year or if there is a stubborn stain.
  • If the handbag is cloth: Vacuum the outside regularly. Cloth shoulder bags can also be wiped down with mild detergent and water. Some fabric totes can be handwashed. Allow the bag to dry fully before use. Wringing the hobo may damage it, so press it with a towel to absorb excess moisture and air dry in the shade.
How do you store a hobo handbag?

When properly cared for, handbags should last a lifetime. Always store your bag out of direct sunlight, regardless of the material. If you have a dust bag, store your hobo in it for protection. If you do not have a dust bag, store your handbag in an old pillowcase. Keep your handbag stuffed with un-dyed tissue paper to maintain its shape. Dyed paper may bleed onto the handbag and discolor it. If your shoulder bag smells funny, place a box of baking soda inside and leave overnight.

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