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Women's Harem Pants

Harem pants for women are a style of pants that are long and loose-fitting and that contour to fit snuggly around the ankle. The style is also known as a harem skirt or harem trousers. These pants are comfortable and stylish and allow for a great range of motion.

What is the history of Harem pants?

Harem pants can trace their lineage back 2,000 years. They were inspired by a tunic-like garment called the dhoti, worn in the Eastern world and valued for its simplicity and ease. The suffragettes in the mid-1800s enjoyed their own version of harem pants, called bloomers. In 1909, French designer Paul Poiret came out with an Oriental/Western collection and introduced kaftans and harem pants to the general public. Harem pants became a sensation when they were modeled on the hit 1965 TV show "I Dream of Jeanie."

What occasions can a woman wear harem pants for?

Harem pants are versatile and elegant yet comfortable. They are a great look for a wide variety of occasions, from casual office wear to weekend go-to pieces and nightclubbing. They are a fashion statement that is agile, flexible, and as open to interpretation as the garment itself. They are a great foundation piece for a woman's wardrobe because you can easily dress them up or down. They are comfortable enough to wear on weekends and yet smart and sophisticated enough to enjoy showcasing at the fanciest of parties.

What styles can one find women's harem trousers in?

There is no limit to the combinations of silhouettes, colors, and patterns available with harem pants. These pants are available with slim legs, slit-on-the-side-panel legs, and voluminous legs. They can come with wrapped and belted waists. They are made of many different materials and fabrics. Patterns they come in include solid, striped, polka dotted, and rainbow-hued. They can also be festooned in the front with scarves, panels, ties, girdles, and draping.

What are ways to style harem pants for women?

Harem pants for women are a timeless yet contemporary, elegant, fun, and comfortable part of a woman's wardrobe. With harem pants, there are many different possibilities to express yourself with style and ease. To inspire you in creating your own ensembles you can consider the following ideas:

  • Boho-cool: Team harem pants with a leather or faux leather jacket and ankle boots.
  • Opposites attract: Work with the rule of proportions by wearing a snug, form-fitting blouse or a midriff baring top.
  • At ease: Pair harem trousers with a slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweater, an oversized shirt tied at the midriff, or your favorite logo or graphic T-shirt.
  • Suffragette smart: Pay homage to the suffragettes by pairing dark-hued harem pants with a simple white blouse and low-heeled shoes.
  • Fun and flirty: Add sandals, a shawl, a form-fitting blouse, and pretty jewelry to create a look with timeless appeal.