Handbag Accessories

Your purse is almost an extension of yourself. It not only keeps your odds and ends wrangled in a convenient place, but it also lets you express your style and fashion. Handbag accessories are just one way to make your handbag even more personalized and useful.

What are handbag accessories?

Handbag Accessories can be any number of things related to your purse. Most accessories will fall into one of three general categories.

  • Functional accessories are designed to improve the way your handbag works or fix problems that may have arisen with it, such as replacing worn out parts.
  • Style accessories are designed primarily to add a touch of personality to your handbag and individualize it to your taste.
  • Item accessories are to enhance, protect, or customize many of the commonly carried items you may have tucked away in your purse.
What are some functional handbag accessories?

Functional accessories primarily serve to fix problems that occur with a bag. Some handbags may have design flaws, others may have worn-out pieces from use, and some may just need a quick improvement to be perfect. Here are a few common functional accessories.

  • Base shapers are a great choice for soft or saggy bottomed purses. These little inserts neatly square off the bottom of your purse, removing the sag and giving the purse more space and neatness. You can also opt for a whole organizer system to shape up your bag as well.
  • Shoulder straps are often the first part of a purse to wear down. If that is the case, a strap replacement can fix the problem quickly and easily.
  • Depending on your handbag style, it may have the option to add a small lock. These locks discourage theft, perfect for anyone who might be carrying valuables.
  • Dust covers are excellent at keeping your bag in top condition when they're not being used.
What are some style handbag accessories?

While handbags themselves are often Seen as a fashion accessory, additional handbag accessories allow for even more customization. Although some of these options may present functional upgrades, they mostly serve to update and personalize the look of your bag.

  • Replacing a worn-out strap is a functional improvement, but as the straps are easy to replace regardless, many people opt to change them. Straps can come in many different colors, styles, and even materials such as leather or chain.
  • Ribbons, bandeau ties, and small scarves can be tied onto your bag to match your outfit.
  • Faux animal tails of varying types can also add some personality and are easily clipped on.
What are some handbag accessories for items?

While you can certainly just stuff everything into your bag in a disorganized fashion, item accessories can help organize and stylize your things, or protect them against damage. Here are some common item accessories.

  • Cosmetics bags are ubiquitous with purses and represent a handy way to corral mascara, lipstick, foundations, and more. They can come in soft or hard shells, different sizes, colors, and patterns.
  • Eyeglass covers can also come in both soft and hard shells in a multitude of colors. They serve to protect these delicate items while in your bag.