Women's Hair Claws

Women's hair claws are an ever popular handy accessory. Whether you want to finish off a smart outfit for a special occasion, or you simply need something to hold your hair up while doing things around the house, you can find the right hair claw to suit you.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, hair claws are available in plastic, metal, crystal, chiffon and lace, amongst others. Look out for flower attachments, butterflies and jewel detailing to add a bit of decoration to a practical item.

Hair claws can be used in different ways. You can use them to divide sections of hair whilst styling, as part of an up hair-do to go with evening wear or just for casual everyday use. Whether you are looking for big claws for messy up-dos, mini claws for short hair, or ornate claws, there are plenty available for you to choose from.

Styles of hair claws

Use mini claws to hold your hair up if you have a shorter hair style. Larger claws can hold longer hair up and out of the way. They can be used for either smart looks or to finish casual outfits.

Hairdresser clips are used in salons to hold hair in place while cutting or styling. Usually sold in plain black, these claws can still be used to keep your hair out of the way. Bulldog clips are small claws used to hold back small sections of hair.

Hair claw materials and detailing

Metal clips are sturdy and not prone to breakage; metal is a popular hair claw material.

Plastic clips are lightweight and often molded into a wide variety of shapes. Plastic is an ideal material for making hair claws.

You can find many hair claws with crystal , diamante or pearl detailing; a hair claw with this detailing is often a superb compliment to an evening dress.

Hair claws often come in a variety of different shapes or with decorative additions, flowers and bows being popular. They are often used as the base for fascinators , popular at weddings and other special occasions.

Butterflies are often used as a detail on hair claws. They are featured either as an attachment to the claw for decoration, or the claw itself is modelled on a butterfly shape.