Womens Golf Shoes: Buying Guide

When playing a game of golf, you might consider golf clubs and golf balls to be your most important equipment. However, selecting the right pair of golf shoes is extremely important as well. The type of golf shoes that you use has a larger impact on a golf game than you might think. Read this article to learn more about how to select the perfect pair of women’s golf shoes.

What types of women’s golf shoes are there?

There are four main types of golf shoes:

  • Spiked or cleated golf shoes – This traditional style offers better traction, stability, support, and works on hills and wet ground. Spikes come in a variety of formats and need replacing periodically.
  • Spikeless golf shoes – These sneaker-style golf shoes are more flexible and comfortable than traditional types. They can also be worn off the course. They offer less stability and commonly are not waterproof, making them best for dry and flat terrain.
  • Golf boot – This golf shoe looks and fits like a hiking boot and provides exceptional warmth and traction. Because they are waterproof, they work well for golfing in the winter or rainy seasons but are heavier than the other options and don’t offer as much freedom or flexibility.
  • Golf sandals – Designed for hot climates, these shoes keep your feet cool, are lightweight, and often inexpensive, but provide less support and stability. Best to use if you don’t have to walk long distances and in dry conditions.

 What is important to consider when buying golf shoes?

The following features are important to consider when buying golf shoes:

  • Material – Golf shoes are made using natural leather, synthetic leather, or breathable material. Natural leather is durable and creates a stable, stretch-free, waterproof shoe, but is expensive and high-maintenance. Synthetic leather is lighter, thinner, costs less, and is easier to care for, but not as breathable. Breathable material is best for dry, warm climates, but provides less stability.
  • Fit – Should have a snug-fitting heel and mid-foot. Feet should not slide around. You should feel no pain or pressure, and where the shoe bends should align with the natural arch of your foot.
  • Type of Lacing – Some manufacturers produce golf shoes that use Velcro closures or ski-boot style mechanical lacing systems meant to provide a more consistent fit and stability. These alternative styles are commonly more expensive.

 Benefits of great golf shoes.

Having the right pair of golf shoes can help your golf game in the following ways:

  • Prevent sliding – A quality, well-fit pair of golf shoes will prevent your feet from sliding when you swing your golf club. If your feet are not stable as you swing it is almost guaranteed to cause your shot to be awful.
  • Provide sturdiness – Quality golf shoes offer wide rubber soles, stable arch support, and traction which provides sturdiness and assists in your golf game.
  • Provide comfort – Most golf shoes feature extra padding and support which is important when playing golf because you are on your feet for many hours at a time. Support and comfort are crucial for a good golf game, especially when driving the ball as many golfers complete their swing with all of their weight on the balls of their feet.