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Women's Fur Coats and Jackets

As the weather cools down, coats offer protection from the elements. There are so many types for women to wear, including hooded parkas, reversible coats, fur coats with tall collars, and jackets. Fur coats and hooded parkas are especially warm as they are made up of the fur that animals use to stay warm each winter.

What kind of fur is used for fur coats?

Women's fur coats come in a variety of styles. Women can wear mink coats, black hooded parkas with a fur trim, short black fur jackets, or even a white fur collar on a black coat. Fur coats are typically made of fox, rabbit, lynx, mink, muskrat, beaver, otter, sable, seals, cats, dogs, coyotes, chinchilla, and opossum. Fur coats are typically chosen for their quality, color, and pattern. Some animals such as sheep are used more often for fur and known as shearlings. The white wool from shearlings can be shaved several times a year to produce more fur coats from one shearling.

What is the difference between a coat and a jacket?

Coats and jackets are mainly distinguished by their length: A jacket rests on a women's waist while a coat is longer. Jackets are also considered less insulated, lighter, and tighter-fitting than a coat. Coats and parkas are usually worn to provide warmth during the winter while jackets are sometimes worn in spring or autumn weather because they don't provide as much warmth and can even be worn simply for fashion.

What is faux fur made out of?

Faur fur is a textile fabric that women can wear to resemble real fur. It is usually composed of polymeric or synthetic fibers. It can be dyed brown or black to resemble a mink coat or gray or black to resemble a rabbit, for example. A faux fur mink coat could be indistinguishable from an authentic coat to the naked eye, but it should have a tag stating that it is faux fur.

What is leather made out of?

Leather is made by tanning the skin of an animal. Examples include cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, crocodiles, snakes, sting rays, seals, emus, deer, fish, kangaroos, and horses. It is often used for women's coats and jackets to provide protection against water and wind. Like faux fur, there are products made from faux leather rather than genuine leather. Typically, faux leather is made of fabric that is treated with wax, polyurethane, or dye, and it is easy to clean when used to make a women's coat.

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