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Women's Denim Designs for Every Occasion 

A variety of denim styles give women more choices. Women shoppers intent on making wow entrances shop for pants, skirts, jackets, and other styles they dress up or down with accessories. Whether you're looking for curvy fit, skinny, or relaxed-fit clothing, you'll find styles that fit perfectly, feel good against the skin, and are trendy. 

Why Is Denim So Popular?  

  • Appeal: Denim was first worn as early as the 1800s as working attire in factories and other working environments. Actors Marlon Brando and James Dean wore jeans in 1950s movies bringing on a "gotta have a pair too" craze from the public. From then until the 21st century, designers in every generation tweaked designs, experimented with colors, washes, and stretch denim fabrics to suit the needs of women buyers.  The fabric remains fashionable as it ages because extra frays and fades give denim attire a timeless appeal.
  • Convenience: When you're in a hurry, you can drop denim clothing on a chair or the floor and it still looks just as good the next time. The fabric resists wrinkles and its heavy texture is hard-wearing. Moreover, the low-maintenance fabric breathes so your skin stays cooler.
  • Versatility: Whether you attend a concert, shuttle kids from one event to the next, or go grocery shopping, the fabric fits the occasion. Regardless of the event, casual—formal—or semi-formal, denim very rarely causes raised eyebrows. Plus, the material is available in light, dark, and medium washes. 

What Categories of Women's Denim Are Available?  

  1. Jeans: Skinny jeans, bootcut, straight, and other jean cuts always look stylish whether women wear flip-flops, flats, or high heels. Pair your jeans with a black or other dark-colored blazer to attend both casual and formal events. Boyfriend jeans have a relaxed cut so you can hang out on a comfortable sofa. The loose-fitting clothing has both a slouchy and sleek look to complement your shape.   
  2. Jackets: Suitable for nearly every season, women wear these popular jackets atop trousers, skirts, and dresses. The clothing keeps you warm indoors in air-conditioned spaces or when you step outside on a Fall or Winter day. Choose jacket lengths that fit at the waist or hips to add variety to your wardrobe. Activewear includes jackets made from stretch denim allowing you to move about freely. 
  3. Skirts: You can leave your home en route to the gym, the office, or for an interview looking crisp and sharp wearing a classy skirt. Choose a design above or below the knee or ankle length. Five-pocket designs provide room for your checkbook, smartphone, keys, lipstick, and a thumb drive. 
  4. Accessories: Wear denim head to toe whether you add shoes, boots, and bags for a cohesive denim look. These same accessories can be worn with other types of fabrics to bring new life to older clothes.