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Women's Denim Leggings

Denim leggings for women combine the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings. Also called jean leggings, or jeggings, many pairs have a small amount of elasticity that allow the jean leggings to fit tighter than jeans. In addition to size, there are other factors to consider when considering these leggings.

How do you measure for jeggings sizes?

Proper measuring of your body ensures that you buy skinny leggings that fit you like a glove. Those measurements tell you what size jeggings you need. You can use a tape measure to measure different parts of your body to ensure a proper fit, including:

  • Waist: When measuring your waist, make sure that you follow your natural waistline. Wrap the tape measure around your stomach and just below your navel. If you prefer a higher or lower style, you can lift or lower the tape measure.
  • Hips: While looking at yourself in a full-length mirror, locate the widest area around your hips. This helps you get an accurate measurement for leggings that work with your hips.
  • Ankle: Unlike jeans that will work with almost any size ankle, jean leggings are much tighter around the ankles. You need to get the circumference of your ankle to ensure you buy the right size.

What are some styles and colors of jeggings?

  • Styles: While some look like traditional or standard jeans, others look more like leggings. Distressed jean leggings come with distressed areas around the knees and other areas. Jeggings made to look like jeans may have some metal accents, especially on the pockets and fly.
  • Colors: Jeggings come in as many colors as denim pants and jeans do. Black leggings are suitable for a number of occasions. Some women prefer blue jeggings as they look closer to the denim used in jeans. With a blue denim version, you can wear a variety of tops like a black tank or a blue tee.

What shoes can you wear with jean leggings?

As jeggings use materials that look like denim, you can wear the same shoes you would with jeans. Women can dress up black leggings with heels or boots for a night out. You can rock leggings like you would skinny jeans, with running shoes or flats, too.

Do jeggings come with a liner?

Depending on how you plan to wear jeggings, you may want ones with a liner. You can pick from different colors like black and blue and choose different sizes, too. The liner inside the leggings makes them thicker and more similar to denim jeans.

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