Women's Camisoles and Camisole Sets

A camisole is a type of women's foundation garment that is often worn under other tops as an alternative to a bra. Also referred to as a cami, they may have a sexy sheer finish, a built-in shelf bra for support, or decorative touches such as lace or sequins. A camisole is sometimes given to a preteen girl before her bosom fully develops and support is needed.

How do you wear a white camisole?

Many women wear white lace camisoles as tops for layering underneath a cardigan sweater, button-down blouse, or T-shirt. If the camisole has spandex for strength, it is often worn as sleepwear or activewear, such as when dancing or exercising. Since a camisole is sleeveless, it also offers functionality as an extra layer under fitted tops such as a ribbed turtleneck during cold weather. A white lace camisole paired with a lace panty also functions as sexy lingerie.

What are the styles of a cami?

Camisoles are made for many different occasions and uses, so they come in several different styles. Here's a look at your options for camisoles:

  • Lace: A camisole may be made with a lace front and back. Some cami styles have black or another color of lace along the neckline or a lace panel on the front or sides. The lace may be made from cotton, polyester, or nylon threads.
  • Sheer: A sheer or mesh cami is typically used as a piece of lingerie. It allows your skin to be seen through the cami.
  • Stretch: A cami with spandex woven into the cotton is a stretchy style of tops. This style of camisole offers some support to the chest, which may be comfortable when you go for a walk or do yoga. It may have molded cups for enhanced chest support.
  • Tank: A tank type of camisole offers ribbed fabric. The back of the top fits in a straight line rather than a scoop. The front of the tank cami usually has a scoop neck. These tanks are offered in basic solid colors such as black and purple.
How do you choose a cami or cami panty set?

Choosing a cami is simple. Try following these steps:

  • Select a material: Cotton, lace, and spandex are some materials used in the construction of a camisole for women.
  • Choose a strap style: Choose wider tank straps, an adjustable strap, or spaghetti strap.
  • Select a color: A cami is usually available in solid colors such as white, nude, pink, purple, and black. If the cami has a lace insert, the lacy section may also be white, pink, purple, or black, or it could be a contrasting color. Prints such as floral designs, white and black zebra stripes, and pink hearts are some of the printed designs. The sets often include a matching black, purple, or other color of panty.
  • Choose a size: Choose the same size of camisole as you would for a tank top or a fitted T-shirt. Manufacturers offer them in sizes ranging from small to extra-large and extended sizes. If choosing one made of black lace, consider the next size up if there is no stretch to the lace fabric.