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Women's 100% Silk Scarves

Few accessories are as versatile and fashionable as a silk scarf. They add polish to any outfit. Silk scarves are available in a multitude of prints and colors and can be worn in many styles.

What types of silk are usually used to make scarves?

  • Chiffon - Chiffon is lightweight and sheer.
  • Charmeuse - Charmeuse is a classy and luxurious fabric with a satin luster.
  • Raw/noil silk - This silk is heavier, more durable, and has a rougher texture.

What should you look for in a silk scarf?

  • Size - Silk scarves come in all sizes. Some are smaller and meant to be used as decorative accessories. Others are large enough to be used as a wrap skirt or cover-up. Decide how and when you are most likely to wear your scarf, and you should be able to figure out the right size.
  • Pure silk - Many designers make scarves that blend silk with luxurious fabrics like cashmere and fine cotton. While many people like these scarves, women who are looking for an evening accessory or something to wear to an important meeting will probably want a scarf of pure silk.
  • Color and print - Silk scarves are available in just about every conceivable print and color. There is truly a silk scarf for any occasion. There are simple designs like monochrome, striped, geometric, or floral scarves. The signature motifs of luxury designers like Hermes, Chanel, and Pucci are timeless as well. There are also more complex prints like paisley, or extra flourishes like fringe.

In what ways can you wear a silk scarf?

  • Around the neck - This is the most common way to wear a silk scarf. There are countless ways to tie a scarf around the neck. The ascot, butterfly, square knot, european loop, and neck wrap are all common scarf styles.
  • Over the shoulders - Women who have a large enough scarf can wear it like a shawl. This works well with a noil scarf because of their durability.
  • Around the wrist - Some women like to wear a small scarf around their wrist, like a bracelet. Some people even pair their silk scarf with a piece of jewelry.
  • As a head wrap - Many women wear silk scarves as a hair accessory. This makes for a fun, bohemian look.
  • As a belt - You thread the silk scarf through belt loops on your clothes, or simply tie your scarf around your waist.
  • As a skirt or cover-up - Many women enjoy using their silk scarf at the beach or in a casual environment.
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