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How to Find Wireless PC Headsets

When you're playing games on your PC, but you reach over to grab your water, you may find yourself suddenly disconnected from your computer. This happens when the USB cord that tethers your headset to your PC suddenly disconnects, but you can avoid this situation and give yourself some breathing room and flexibility with a wireless PC headset. These are mainly used for gaming, but you can also use one for viewing media content or listening to music as well.

Which Brands Make PC Headsets?

Choosing a gaming headset requires considering a few factors, and one of the most important of these is brand. There are multiple brands that make a variety of headsets, each with its own sets of features, so choose the model that works for your budget and usage.

  • Turtle Beach is a manufacturer of wireless gaming headsets that produce surround sound and come with an array of features to enhance gaming audio. When buying on-ear headphones, padded earpieces provide comfort for long gaming sessions, and there are multiple models from which to select.
  • You can select a gaming headset from tech company Logitech, whose offerings include models like the G930, which has Dolby surround sound, and the G533 model, which is a Logitech model that features a padded headband and ear cups that are adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Liven up your arsenal of accessories with red-and-black or green-and-black ASTRO gaming headsets like the ASTRO Gaming A50 that come with an included base for portable charging and storage.

What Are Some Features of PC Headsets?

Selecting the right model depends on the features that are important to you. After you answer questions like how long you'll be gaming or using the earphones for or whether you're playing online multiplayer games, it will help you determine the right set for you.

  • Extended battery life is a necessary feature when you're involved in hours-long gaming sessions. Some wireless options can give you up to 15 hours of game time before the next charge.
  • A built-in microphone lets you communicate with other gamers while you play, which comes in handy during multiplayer modes. 
  • When you're trying to play and there's background noise around, opt for a noise-cancelling pair of headphones so you don't miss one single sound.

How Do You Choose a Headset?

A few factors come to the fore when you're picking a gaming headset that's right for your specific needs, including the types of games you play, when and for how long you play, and what your budget is. 

  • Choose the features that are important to you. For space savings, select foldable models, or check into sets with volume control and a mute button if necessary.
  • Select the brand that fits both your needs and your budget.
  • Finally, decide whether you want a single or double-earpiece design and which color accessories you prefer. Though black is the most common, there are also other shades available.

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