Wireless Camera Dvr In Home Surveillance Security Cameras

Wireless Security Camera Systems Give You Peace of Mind

Wireless security camera systems allow you to capture activities in and around your home. You can have peace of mind by surveying what happens as well as knowing in advance that there is a recording should the unthinkable take place, and you face a crime or suspicious activity at your home. So, rest easy with a wireless camera DVR system; luckily, eBay has a variety for you to consider as you look for the right one.

Why does a home surveillance system use DVR?

A DVR used in a wireless home surveillance system stands for a digital video recorder. A DVR allows your wireless camera to capture and record content, which then allows you to play it back on a monitor. That way, you can playback any suspicious activity from a different time rather than having to watch it in real time. Plus, youll have video evidence of any harmful activity you captured on your security system, making the wireless security camera DVR a smart safety feature.

What type of wireless camera DVR surveillance systems are there?

There is a variety of types of wireless camera DVR surveillance systems for the home. Some are for indoor use, some for outdoor, and some for both. Or they could be portable for use wherever you see fit at the moment. Some fit easily in any space as well as can be disguised in their surroundings if you prefer. Or they can be right out in the open to warn people not to approach your home. The different types of wireless camera DVRs include:

  • Box/body
  • Bullet
  • Dome
  • Peephole
What additional features are available with a surveillance system?

There are a multitude of additional features that are available in your wireless camera DVR system depending on the type of needs you require for your homes security. The options range from night vision to capture after-hours activity to an audio recording to capture voices. Additional features of these wireless camera DVRs include:

  • Audio recording
  • Built-in memory storage
  • Infrared/night vision
  • Pan/tilt
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Vandal-proof
  • Wide angle
  • Zoom
What is a smart home protocol?

A wireless camera DVR system works on a variety of different connection types, including a closed system/CCTV wired or wireless, an IP network wired or wireless, or wired or wireless connectivity. The connectivity relates to how the surveillance system sends and receives data. A smart home protocol, then, allows your security system to connect and communicate without the need for power lines. There are multiple types of protocols that your surveillance system may utilize. The different types include but are not limited to:

  • Bluetooth
  • Powerline/UPB
  • Thread
  • Wi-Fi
  • X10
  • ZigBee
  • Z-Wave