How to Choose a Wire Stripping Machine for Sale

A wire stripping machine cuts through the insulation on a wire to expose the metal inside of it. This is useful if you are going to recycle wire and need to remove the insulation from it before heading to the recycling center or if you need to expose the wire to make an electrical connection with an electrical terminal or other wire. Here are some things you should know before deciding which new or used wire stripping machines for sale are right for you.

Manual electric wire stripping machines

A manual copper wire stripping machine is useful for small-scale jobs where you only need to strip the insulation off the tips of the wire to make an electrical connection or where you are only stripping a small amount of insulation off the wire. These devices typically use a hand-crank to force the wire through the blades used to cut the insulation. Some devices can also be mounted to a worktable to make the job a little easier.

Automatic wire stripping machines

There are five main types of automatic wire stripper machines available on the market.

  • Abrasive wire stripper: These machines use abrasive wheels that pull the wire through the machine while it strips off the insulation. Different abrasive materials are used for different types of insulation. You need to make sure you have the right abrasive material for the job or you can damage the metal inside the wire.
  • Chemical wire stripper: Chemicals are used to dissolve the insulation to expose the metal inside the wire. This can be a highly toxic process and you have to make sure you dispose of the waste in a proper manner.
  • Thermal copper wire stripper: Thermal strippers use flame or heated blades to remove insulation. Heat is useful to remove the insulation from single wires up to coaxial cables.
  • Mechanical wire cutter: These devices use sharp blades to cut through the insulation.
  • Laser cutters: A laser is used to trim off the insulation. Lasers are good to use when the cutting has to be very precise to avoid damaging the metal in the wire.
What manufacturers make wire strippers?

There are several manufacturers of wire stripping machines, including:

  • VEVOR: VEVOR makes a wide-range of manual and automatic wire strippers.
  • CopperMine: CopperMine manufactures hand-held and industrial strippers for different sized jobs.
  • Schleuniger: Schleuniger is a maker of laser strippers.