Winter Sports Hand and Foot Warmers

Keeping your hands and feet warm in frigid weather can be a challenge: After all, there are only so many layers you can fit in your gloves and boots. While being mindful of your environment and dressing appropriately is fundamental, sometimes you need some extra help preventing a cold foot or fingers. Hand warmers, foot warmers, and toe warmers can be an effective and easy way to help you stay comfortable when you’re outside in the cold.

What are heat packs?

Most heat packs are small, flexible, disposable packets filled with a crystalline substance that becomes warm when exposed to air. A solid, reusable type that is powered by lighter fluid is also available. Sold as hand warmers and foot warmers, these products are designed to be placed close to the hand or the foot and will remain heated for an extended time. The most common brands of single-use warmers are HotHands and Grabber while Zippo manufactures the refillable option.

What kind of activities are warmers useful for?

You can use hand and foot warmers in any outdoor activities in a cold environment. Whether used during work or play, these heat packs are thin and easily portable. While your hand has a tendency to stay warmer due to use than your foot, these products can be especially helpful as foot warmers. Common uses include:

  • Playing winter sports
  • Outdoor work such as clearing snow
  • Hunting and ice fishing
  • Attending outdoor winter events
How can this product be used?

HotHands and other similar brands are available as hand warmers, foot warmers, toe warmers, and insoles. These products can be placed in shoes or socks to heat the foot or used in gloves or mittens to warm the hand. The design of the refillable form is well suited for use as hand warmers.

How do these warmers work?

HotHands heat packs are air-activated, which means the heating element is triggered when the outer foil packet is opened and the product is exposed to air. A few of the active ingredients that produce heat are activated charcoal, vermiculite, and iron powder. The Zippo warmer runs on lighter fluid, and the heat level is adjustable with an air intake feature.

How long will this product provide warmth?

Once the disposable pack is opened and continuously exposed to air, it will remain heated for approximately 10 hours. Once activated and placed on the hand or foot, these heated packs will maintain a soothing temperature of about 100 degrees. The Zippo will remain heated for approximately 12 hours though time will vary based on the temperature set.