Wine Racks & Bottle Holders

It's important to have the right storage for your wine bottles. Some options include placing wine on the wall or in a rack that sits on the floor. Learning about your options for wine storage can give you extra space and provide you with beautiful home decor.

What is a wine rack?

Wine racks are designed to store bottles of wine in the kitchen, bar, or elsewhere in the home.

  • Decorative: You can choose to store full or empty bottles of wine in your home to enhance its aesthetic.
  • Organize: Keep everything organized by hanging them on the wall, in a cabinet, or even on tables.
  • Stock up: If you want to keep multiple red and whites around, you can enjoy storage in the form of a free standing, wall-mounted, or countertop wine rack.

What are the different types of wine racks and holders?

  • Wall Mounted: This type of rack attaches to a wall. A mounted wine rack is relatively simple to install in your home. You can use a drill to make sure that it is securely fastened to the drywall. Many rack manufacturers provide you with instructions so that you properly attach your rack to a wall.
  • Cabinet: You can also use a cabinet that is placed on the floor to hold all of your bottles. These typically come with shelves to hold individual bottles as well as drawers to store wine-opening tools.
  • Table: Wine-holding furniture is available, and it is often made of wood or metal. It holds wine bottles in its shelves and provides countertop space for additional storage.

What factors are there to consider when choosing wine racks?

  • Number of wine bottles: You have to consider how much storage you want before you shop for a wine rack. The number of wine bottles you intend to store influences the type of rack you purchase. Particularly pay close attention to the size of the rack because the size accommodates the number of bottles.
  • Material: Wine racks and bottle holders can be made of a variety of woods, iron, stainless steel, glass, plastic, or a combination of any of the materials listed.
  • Overall decor level: Whether you’re holding red or white wine, you want a wine rack that will fit the style of your home, be it modern, rustic, or reclaimed.