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Windshields for Harley-Davidson Dyna

Whether you're going for a quick drive in the city or a full day of riding, having the right windshield for your Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycle can make all the difference. A good Harley-Davidson windshield can make your motorcycle easier to handle and help control glare from the sun and lights from oncoming traffic. Adhering to a few simple guidelines will help make the selection process easier.

What size of Harley Dyna windshield should you choose?

The first consideration when choosing this part is visibility. You don't want the motorcycle shield so high that you can't see over it. However, you don't want it so low that you lose the benefit of a windshield. Your height is a factor to consider as well as how you position yourself on the bike. Do you tend to lean forward when you ride, or do you tend to sit straight up?

The most accurate way to measure for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle shield height is to place an object approximately 50 feet in front of you. Then, position yourself as you would if you were riding. If you are able to see the object an inch or two over the top of the shield, then you have it at the right height.

What are the benefits of a tinted Harley-Davidson Dyna shield?

Harley-Davidson clear shields parts are better suited for night riding and rainy weather. For the times that you're riding to see beautiful scenery, these shields will offer unobstructed views.

Tinted Harley Dyna model shields give a whole new look and can help protect against glare.

What are some benefits of Harley-Davidson windshields?

They can improve your ride in the following ways:

  • Harley-Davidson Dyna shields lessen pain and fatigue of riding by reducing the air pushing against you.
  • They offer protection from weather.
  • Debris from the road, bugs, and birds are things that every motorcycle rider has dealt with. Trips without a proper shield can make coping with these nuisances more difficult.
Can you get a detachable shield for your Harley-Davidson Dyna?

Detachable shields are available for the Harley-Davidson Dyna. These shields can be attached or detached within seconds, so you can modify your motorcycle to fit the type of trip you're taking. If you're planning a night ride, you can go without a shield. However, if you're planning a longer ride, you still have the benefit and protection of a shield.

What do you consider when selecting a Harley Dyna shield?
  • Strength - The stronger the Harley-Davidson shield, the more impact protection it will provide.
  • Scratch resistance - Keeping your shield clean and scratch-free is important for your protection and for the look of the bike.
  • Good construction - Quality is important when selecting a Harley-Davidson shield that will stand the test of time.
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