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BMW X3 Windshield Wiper System

Windshield wiper blades for your BMW are an essential safety component. You'll need to use these in rainy and snowy weather conditions. By choosing the correct size of wiper blade that fits the front glass of the BMW, you can ensure a full view of the road and safer driving conditions.

What kind of BMW wiper blades are there?The wiper system itself includes the wiper blades, the sensor module, the wiper nozzle, the motor mechanism, and the water tank. The blades of the driver and passenger sides are 22 and 20 inches, respectively. This will be the general size needed for your BMW vehicle. What kind of windshield wipers do you need for a BMW?

The wiper blades of a BMW make a semi-circle on the windshield and clear the view of the bigger part of the windshield. The outer parts of the windshield are not cleared by the shorter blades, so you might consider buying longer ones. Windshield blades are specific for every vehicle, so you will want to keep this in mind if you ever need to replace your wiper system.

Why do some BMWs have rear windshield wipers?

Rear wipers are found on vehicles with a more vertical rear window that accumulates dust, snow, dirt, and excess water. The rubber on the wipers is effective in removing the dust and other elements to clear the view from the back, giving you a better view when you need to reverse your vehicle.

How do the windshield wipers work?

Before the electric windshield wipers were invented, wipers were moved manually back and forth with a lever inside the car. Electric windshield wipers are a revolution in the history of auto manufacturing. With the turn of a switch, the electric motor powers the blades to start moving to clear your windshield of rain water, snow, or dirt. This will give you a clearer view to drive safely.

How do you activate BMW windshield wiper blades?
  • The windshield wiper control on your BMW is found on the right side of the steering wheel. To turn the blades at normal speed, press up once on the control handle. To turn it off, push the control handle back down.
  • You can use the high-speed wiper by pressing the control handle upwards twice or once past the resistance point. Tapping down will return wipers to normal speed. Tapping down twice will turn the blades off.
  • You can activate the rain-sensitive mode of the windshield wiper blades by pressing the auto button on the side of the control handle. Turning the thumb-wheel too fast will make it more sensitive to precipitation. When entering a car wash, turn the auto mode off.
  • The rear wiper blade of the car is turned on by twisting the end joint of the control handle. Turning it once will put the rear wipers in intermittent mode. Turning it further once will activate the rear blades once. You can also clear the rear windshield once by twisting the switch downwards once.