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Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 Tablets come in options like the Asus Transformer, the Dell Latitude 7212, the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Acer Switch 3, the Lenovo IdeaPad Mix, and the Panasonic Toughbook 33. Features include screen size, weight, processor speed, storage capacity, and battery life. Screen resolution and cameras are additional features that are important when selecting Windows 8 tablets.

What is a Surface tablet?

A Surface tablet is produced by Microsoft. The Microsoft Surface includes an Intel processor, Windows, and a 10.6-inch screen. These machines can be customized with an add-on keyboard. Other peripherals, such as a mouse, display adapter (to allow you to project your tablet onto an LCD projector), or stylus can be added to the Microsoft Surface.

What features are included in a Windows 8 Tablet?
  • Microsoft Windows 8: Devices equipped with Windows 8 include a full license of Windows. This allows for the installation of any Windows-compatible software, making the tablet a possible replacement for your existing laptop computer.
  • Intel Processors: Windows 8 devices often feature Intel processors, which provide computing power equivalent to traditional computers. The Intel processor feature is essentially a desktop computer made portable.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity allows your tablet to converse with other devices, be it other tablets, your smartphone, or other accessories. In order to preserve the portability of tablets, most accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, and stylus, are linked through a wireless connection.
  • Lightweight Design: Windows tablets are designed to be portable, so they are lightweight and come with few cords. These machines can be used when traveling.
What features are included in Microsoft Windows 8?
  • Touch-screen capability: Microsoft Windows 8 is specifically designed for use by a handheld computer, with large, easily touchable icons and simple manipulation without the use of a mouse. With Windows 8, the Start Menu was replaced with a full-screen interface that allows for mobile-friendly application launching.
  • Easy-to-install apps from the Windows Store: With the introduction of Windows 8, programs and apps can be downloaded from the Windows Store, eliminating the need to purchase a CD or install software from the internet. As the main operating system for desktop computing, there are different applications available in the Windows Store. You can select apps to customize your tablet.
  • Microsoft Account Integration: With Windows 8, it is now possible to link your global Microsoft account, allowing you to access cloud storage whenever you wish.
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