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Common Questions About Windows 7 Professional COA Activation Keys

If your goal is updating your desktop or laptop computer to a stable, often-used Windows operating system, consider buying a Windows 7 Professional COA activation key. eBay offers many legitimate Windows 7 Professional edition activation keys so you can install the operating system on your computer for a reasonable price. Here is information you need to know about activation keys before you buy.

Is the software installed with these COA activation keys authentic?

On eBay, you can find Certificates of Authenticity (COA) activation keys as stickers located on your computer on software products that have 25-character license keys for Windows operating systems. The COA is proof that the operating system is authentic. With a valid Windows 7 Pro COA, a legal copy of the software can be acquired and installed from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). With the COA, youll be able to activate and use an authentic copy of Window 7 Professional. Be certain to read and understand the seller listing before you buy.

How do you install Windows OS using a product key?

Download a copy of the corresponding edition of Windows 7 Professional that you have a Windows 7 Pro COA activation key for from the internet. You can either burn the ISO to a disc or use the Microsoft tool to create a bootable USB flash drive and install that way using your purchased COA activation key.

Windows 7 Professional operating systems feature both a 32-bit and 64-bit version of the software. The difference is that that 64-bit version of Windows manages large amounts of RAM with better efficiency than the 32-bit version. The versions only address how the CPU manages RAM and isnt bound by specific system requirements. If youll be using Windows 7 Professional on a computer with 3 GB of RAM or more, the 64-bit version may be a better option for you.

What are the key features of Windows 7 Professional?

Windows 7 Professional has all of the features of Windows 7 Home Premium like Windows Media Center, Windows Aero, and multi-touch support plus the following additional features:

  • Participation in Windows Server Domain
  • Support for up to 192 GB of RAM
  • Remote Desktop Server functionality
  • Location-aware printing and network location backups
  • Access to Encrypting File System, Presentation Mode, and Software Restriction Policies (not including AppLocker extra management features)
  • Windows XP mode for running legacy applications and applications that may not be compatible with the 64-bit version of the OS
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