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How to Choose a Windows 10 PC Laptop

The workday may be over, but just because it's time to go home, it doesn't mean you're done with the spreadsheet your boss needs the next morning. A Windows 10 PC laptop allows you to work on the train ride home, or in bed as you unwind for the evening.

What Are Some Features of Windows Laptops?

Selecting a laptop that runs the Microsoft Windows 10 OS may seem daunting, but once you figure out which features will work best for you, you can begin to narrow down your options.

  • When you want the convenience of a tablet but also the benefits of a Windows laptop, consider buying a convertible device, also called a 2-in-1. These offer some versatility, as you can bypass the keyboard and use the screen as a tablet if you desire.
  • A built-in webcam means you can use your netbook to video chat with clients out of state, catch up with family and friends, or take photos and videos and post them to social media.
  • Select a backlit keyboard for working in low light or in the evening, as it provides illumination to make it easier to see the keys as you type.

Which Brands Make Laptops and Netbooks?

Though features are important, brands offer distinct types of Windows machines that may have an array of benefits from which to select, so choose a brand that fits into your budget and has the features that you need.

  • ASUS offers not only traditional laptops, but it makes some 2-in-1 models that come in screen sizes such as 10.1 inches and have Intel Core processors, so you can get work done quickly and move on to more enjoyable things, like watching a movie on Netflix.
  • MSI traditionally makes laptops meant for gaming, which means they may include features like an NVIDIA game card and additional memory, along with a powerful processor.
  • For a variety of options, Hewlett-Packard (or HP) makes laptops and netbooks that range from small to large screen sizes and offer varied features, including the Intel Atom processor and a touchscreen display.

How Do You Select a Laptop?

When you've figured out the type of machine you may be looking for and the features you'd like to have, there are a few more factors to weigh before you make your final decision.

  • Consider connectivity. Many computers come with an HDMI port, but you may also need additional inputs like USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 in order to plug in peripherals like optical drives or external HDDs.
  • Think about the storage capacity of your machine. Laptops vary from 16 GB to 64 GB and up to 2 TB of HDD or solid-state storage.
  • Purchase the right device for your needs. For gaming and media, you'll want to lean towards a laptop that offers features geared more at gaming and viewing content. For work, check into laptops or notebooks that have more GHz, cameras, and plenty of storage space for your files and documents.

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