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Nissan 240SX Window Motors and Parts

The Nissan 240SX is a sports car that has been in production since 1991. During this run, the 240SX has gone through many window motor changes that have altered the way drivers use their window and its parts. As a result, anyone who owns a model of this vehicle needs to understand the window engine design of their auto and also know how the year of the vehicle changes its operation.

How does a Nissan 240SX window motor work?

The Nissan 240SX window motor typically operates in a simple and streamlined way. Most types use a gear-drive regulator to move the window in this Nissan car. This type hooks up to a handle and uses either manual power or electricity from the engine to move the window up and down. Those who own a 240SX most likely have this Nissan motor in their window that uses a multitude of different parts to run.However, a cable type is also available in some models. This type uses a slightly different design that uses a weighted cable to move the window up and down on its tracks. As so few Nissan vehicles in the SX4 have parts of this type, it is important to look at the gear-drive type and its many parts instead.

What parts make up the average Nissan 240SX window motor?

In a gear-drive window motor for a 240SX, there are several parts you can replace. These include the gear arm, the gear drive, the motor, and the glass-holding bracket. Each of these parts serves a different need for your Nissan 240SX window. For example, the gear drive helps to translate the power from the motor to the gear arm.The power for operating the gear drive comes from a window handle in older models and the car battery in newer ones. The gear arm attaches to the glass-holding bracket and controls whether your window goes up or down in the tracks.Other important Nissan 240SX parts to consider for your 240SX include the regulator assemblies for front and rear windows, switches that attach to the regulator, various gears inside of the window engine, and many other elements. These are all important to inspect on your Nissan 240SX when doing any window repairs.

How do these parts vary for this Nissan?

The production run and year of the 240SX will influence what kind of Nissan window engine your car possesses. The earliest run of it was known as the S13 from 1989 to 1994. This type has an older Nissan window engine that often requires the use of manual power. Later Nissan production runs, such as the S14 and the SR20DET have automatic windows.The engine will also change depending on the number of doors in your Nissan. Some S14 and SR20DET models have only two doors. As a result, the windows for these S14 and SR20DET models are a little longer and require larger engines. Those Nissan models with four windows will have slightly smaller windows with engines that suit the smaller design.