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Mercury Grand Marquis Window Motors and Parts

Operated by motors, the power windows on your Mercury Grand Marquis offer great convenience for many of today's drive-thru services like accessing fast food, banking, the ATM, a pharmacy, and more. When power windows stop working, it can be a great inconvenience. Luckily, they can be replaced with top-quality Mercury Grand Marquis parts and window motors

How do you know you window motor system is failing?
  • All windows stop working: If every power window in your model Grand Marquis stops working simultaneously, with no response to any of the control switches, there's a problem with the power in the car's electrical system or a blown fuse.
  • One window stops working: When only one window fails to work, there are a few reasons that could be. It could be a parts failure like a faulty relay, a blown fuse, a failing motor, or a failure of the power window switch.
  • Windows only work from the master switch: If one or more windows stop working from an individual door's control switch, but it can still be operated from the master switch at the driver's panel, there's likely a failure of the individual door's power switch.
  • Windows work sporadically: When any of your windows don't open and close properly, the speed of window's motion is slow or off, there may be a problem with the individual switch, the motor, or the window regulator.
What window motors and parts are there for Mercury?
  • Window regulators: Both manual and power windows use window regulators, located within the panels of your car's doors, to lift and to drop the windows. For power windows, the regulator is integrated with an electric motor that gives it the power to raise and lower the window in your Mercury.
  • Window motors: The motor gives the regulator the power it needs for the window's movement. One is required for each of your vehicle's windows.
  • Window switches: A series of wires and cables connect your sedan's window switch to your window's motor and prompt the regulator to raise or lower the window. One is required for each of your vehicle's power windows.
  • Regulator repair kits: Kits contain items needed for window regulator repair like rivet guns and rivets.
  • Regulator lift gear sprocket repair kits: This repair kit is used to help you replace failing window lift motor gears. They usually include replacement gear, gear plugs, and more.
  • Power window motor front and rear kits: Repair kits that are used when all power windows cease to work. Sets include motors, gears, and some hardware to repair the power window system in your Mercury Grand Marquis.