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Lexus RX300 Window Motors and Parts

The Toyota luxury model known as the Lexus RX300 premiered their first mid-size SUV in 1998. It continued into the 2006 season as part of the second generation. Window motors and parts are one of the hardest-working areas on your car, and they require routine maintenance.

Why are both back windows stuck on the Lexus RX300?

The universal lock mechanism on the RX300 driver's door is an appropriate place to start checking on this situation, especially if you only notice the back windows with this problem. There's a chance that the switch was locked without anyone realizing it.

If, on the other hand, none of the windows are functional on your Lexus RX300, then a few scenarios could have occurred. Check the fuses first. If the fuses appear to not be blown, then move on to the relay. If it’s neither of those two issues and the car's electrical had been disconnected for some reason, such as so you could install a new battery, then the Lexus window motor could be out of sync and will need to be reset.

What are the symptoms of a failing power window switch?

There are a few scenarios that could indicate at least one of the power window switches on your Lexus RX300 may need new parts. If all of your windows quit working at the same time, then there might not be any electrical current getting to the switches. Check the fuses firs,t followed by the relay. The master switch could also have been flipped to off.

It's a similar situation if only one of the windows on your RX300 quits working: it could be a fuse, the relay, window motor, or that particular window's power switch. If you can only operate your Lexus window from the master switch, there's a likelihood that the window in question needs switch replacement auto parts. One final symptom is when you either open or close the Lexus window, but it doesn't reliably return to the previous position.

Can the Lexus RX300 driver's side window regulator be repaired?

Lexus offers regulator repair assembly kits and individual parts for this vehicle. The kit includes all of the parts required for your vehicle's regulator repair. Kits are available for all model years of the RX300. They are also available for each Lexus window.

Does the same window motor fit a 1999 and 2003?

Although the 2003 RX300 model was a crossover vehicle between the first and second generations, the same Lexus RX300 parts are compatible between the two years.

Why is the passenger side window tilting back and forth?

One possibility is that your car window regulator clip needs to be replaced. It may be that's all you will need to replace if just the clip is broken. The clip attaches to the regulator. The Lexus RX300 regulator may also require either repair or replacement if your window's mechanism isn't functioning properly. Since the clip is the least troublesome of the two to repair, you might want to start there by adjusting your window to see if that was the repair needed. If you are still noticing play in your window's movement, it may require a combination fix with parts for the regulator assembly kit.