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Land Rover Discovery Window Motors and Parts

The windows on your Land Rover Discovery function properly due to the window motors and their parts. These components are easily accessible and relatively simple to replace if they stop working. Learning more about the Land Rover Discovery window motors and parts will help you choose the right products for your vehicle.

What is the difference between the window regulator and motor?

Both of these components are located inside of the Land Rover's door panel. The regulator setup is non-powered, and it moves the window in an up and down motion along the track. The motor is connected to the switch on the door panel and the vehicle's grounding wires in order to power the window.

What are signs of a broken window part?

If you notice a difference in a window's ability to open or close on your Land Rover, there might be a problem with one of the components that allow it to move up and down. Signs of window motor or regulator issues in a Discovery include:

  • Fallen glass: If the glass has fallen into the door frame and won't go up, then the regulator may have broken and not be connected to the glass anymore.
  • Noises while in use: Sounds occurring while the window is moving can be an indication of regulator or motor failure. Cables involved with the regulator might not be winding properly or the motor might be struggling.
  • Clunking sound when lowered: If you hear a loud clunk or bang when the window reaches the bottom, then the regulator or motor might be failing.
  • Slow speed: If the window is moving at a slower speed than normal, then the motor is not working properly.
  • No movement: When the window won't move at all, then it is likely that the motor has failed.
How long should window motors and their parts last?

Depending on usage, the Land Rover Discovery window motor is designed to work anywhere from four to eight years. There are different aspects that will affect that time, and any concerns that you have with the parts should be addressed to ensure their proper functioning. Damage to one part can also affect the abilities of related parts, so attention should be given as soon as possible to non-working components. Some aspects that can affect the Discovery's window components include:

  • Normal wear and tear can eventually cause the regulator, motor, pulleys, cables, and other parts to malfunction.
  • Exposure to extreme heat can cause the motor to overheat and fail.
  • Exposure to excessive ice and water can cause the Land Rover's regulator to overwork or the motor to fail.