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Infiniti G35 Window Motors and Parts

When you have power windows installed in your Infiniti G35, positioning the window quickly is a welcome feature. However, when the electrical components begin to slow down or malfunction, you may need to replace motors or other Infiniti G35 parts for windows.

When should you replace an Infiniti G35 window motor?

Unless a vehicle has sustained effects from an accident, which would cause damage to the driver side or passenger side window and its power components, the onset of problems with the Infiniti G35 motor and window regulator can appear over time. When there is dragging or lagging experienced when lowering or raising these vehicle components, this often means this electrical component is showing signs of wear. If you experience short-circuiting when using the control, this often means there is an electrical short in the components themselves.

What is a power window regulator on an Infiniti G35?

There are two types of regulating components that can be used in your Infiniti sedan. A manual regulation component is used for operating the windows on the passenger's side or driver's side that require a crank handle for raising and lowering capabilities. An electric regulation component must be paired with a motor to control the positioning. Both types of regulators operate the track.

How do you reset an Infiniti G35 window motor?

Whenever an electrical motor is replaced on an Infiniti, it is necessary to reprogram the replacement part. Follow these instructions to ensure desired results.

  • Close the window completely.
  • Locate the reset switch for the replacement window electrical component.
  • Hold down the button to reset.
  • With the button depressed, open the window completely.
  • Release the switch and open the window completely again.
Are driver-side and passenger-side window motors interchangeable?

No, the manufacturers of the window motors have designed each unit for following a specific installation setup. The bolts and fasteners, as well as the power wires used for the window motor operation, line up with the specific door assembly.

Can Infiniti G35 manual windows be converted to power windows?

It is possible to convert these accessories from manual to power in an Infiniti G35. However, you will need to install door panels that are designed to accommodate the electric window motor components, power motors, regulators, and switches. You will also need wiring harnesses and relays to obtain power from the battery to the motor. It is important to ensure that you are getting the parts for your specific automobile and a wiring diagram that helps with the power component setup.