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Honda Accord Window Motors and Parts

Honda introduced their Accord sedan for the 1976 model year. The 2018 model year Honda Accord marks 10 generations of the vehicle. Automatic window motors and parts are in constant use on this sedan and require routine maintenance and replacement from time to time.

Why won't the Accord rear passenger side window go down?

There are a couple of reasons why you might require a replacement of the passenger side window regulator. The part that controls the movement is the window regulator. It moves as the car window moves. Your Honda Accord window motor is a stationary part that sends the power to the window regulator. If the motor is making its normal operational sound while you try to adjust the glass, that means it's working.

Why is the driver side glass moving back and forth?

Your Honda Accord's driver side window regulator clip might need to be replaced. Perhaps the clip is the only reason for excess movement. Since the clip attaches to the window regulator, it could be that's the extent of your repairs. Your vehicle's driver side window regulator might need attention as well if the rest of the mechanism continues to malfunction. It could require a combination fix with Honda Accord parts for the driver's window regulator assembly kit.

What are the symptoms of an Accord's failing power switch?

One situation that may have arisen on the door of your Honda Accord concerns the electrical charge. If all of the car's switches quit working at the same time, there's a strong likelihood that there's no current. The first consideration is to check the universal switch on the driver side door. If that is turned off, then none of the door switches will function. If need be, move on from there to the fuses, followed by the relay.

When you notice that only one Honda switch isn't working, go through the similar steps as above: check the fuses, window motor, and relay. If the master switch on the Honda Accord driver side door works on the vehicle, that's an indicator that the passenger door in question needs a new switch. A failing switch also causes irregular movement.

Are a 2000 and 2008 passenger side motor compatible?

Honda made some changes to their vehicles between 2000 and 2008. The 2000 Honda Accord falls in with the sixth generation, and the passenger side motor is compatible with model years 1998 to 2002. The 2008 passenger side motors are featured in the trim packages available from 2008 to 2012, which is the eighth generation.

Why is the Honda Accord window regulator malfunctioning?

Aside from too much play in your vehicle's window, you can tell the window regulator needs either repair or replacement in a couple of other ways. One is when the glass doesn't move at all, and the other is when it suddenly falls into the car door's interior.