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Ford Windstar Window Motors and Parts

Ford first presented the Windstar in 1994 and the Windstar Minivan continued through two generations until 2003. The specifications share some common parts between years and generations. As a hardworking area, Ford Windstar window motors and parts should be included in a regular maintenance program.

What causes a Ford Windstar window to not go down?

The window motor and the power regulator are a couple of parts that might require replacement. The power regulator is the part that controls the movement. It moves along with the car window. The motor on your Ford Windstar is a stationary device that provides the power to the regulator. If you can hear the motor running when you attempt to adjust the window up or down, chances are the motor is functioning properly, and the regulator may be the problem.

Why would the driver's side window tilt back and forth?

You may want to investigate your vehicle's window regulator clip. If just the clip is broken, then that is all you will need to replace. The clip attaches to the regulator. The regulator may also require either repair or replacement if your window's mechanism is not functioning properly. Since the clip is easier to repair, you might want to start there and then try your window's operation to see if that was the repair needed. If you are still noticing play in your window's movement, it may require fixing it with the Ford Windstar parts for the regulator assembly kit.

Does the same window regulator fit across model years?

The same Ford Windstar window regulator will fit the 1995 and the 2003 windows even though they represent two different generations. There is one caveat. The same regulator will fit the windows with electric motor window controls. The 1995 model had two options for window adjustment, which are a manual adjustment using a window crank and an electric motor to move the window. If your 1995 Ford has a manual window crank, then that will require a different part.

Can the Ford Windstar driver's side window regulator be repaired?

Ford Windstar offers a regulator repair assembly kit for this vehicle. The kit should include the roller, regulator cable wires, slider winder, and the clips. Kits are available for all model years of the Windstar. They are also available for each specific window.

Are all Ford Windstar motors compatible?

Although the window regulator is compatible between the years for electric windows, the window motors in the minivan are different. It is recommended to double-check your Windstar's make and model so that you can check the parts list requirements for window motors and accessories.