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Ford Taurus Window Motors and Parts

The Ford Taurus is a car manufactured by Ford Motor Company. It has gone through several generations, and it has been in nearly continuous production since 1986. Regular use of the windows in the Ford Taurus, rust, corrosion, or moisture intrusion may necessitate that you replace one or more of the motors or other parts of its windows.

What are the features of Ford Taurus parts for windows?
  • Ergonomic handle and button designs: The handles and buttons to raise and lower the Taurus auto glass are ergonomically designed and easy to use with your right hand or your left hand.
  • Electronically powered toggle switches: The Ford Taurus offers power windows with electronic toggle switches to raise or lower the automobile glass. On the driver's side door of the Taurus, there are controls for the passenger's side automobile glass and the rear passenger door automobile glass.
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: These Ford vehicle window parts that attach to the door have a plastic finish that resists moisture and protects the electronics from corrosion, dirt, and dust intrusion. The interior window parts that fit into the Ford door's frame are constructed from through-hardened steel. The seals are made from water-resistant rubber and felt.
How do you choose Ford Taurus window parts?
  • Choose the year of production and trim level of your vehicle:Select the year that your Ford car was produced. Different generations of these Fords have different fitment requirements. Different Ford Taurus trim levels also have different sizes of window products.
  • Select the type of parts for the window: Select controllers or handles that fit onto the Ford's door, regulators or engines that raise and lower the window glass, or seals that keep the glass in place and protect against the intrusion of dust, dirt, and moisture into the Ford's door frame.
  • Choose a manufacturer of the products:Choose Ford as the original equipment manufacturer for window accessories for your vehicle. You could also select Ford Taurus window accessories made by other manufacturers, including Cardone Industries, Dorman, and Motorcraft. There are also unbranded products that may work with your Ford car.
What are the types of window parts for the Taurus?

There are many products available for making repairs or replacing worn items of a Ford Taurus window. One category of window products is the handle for hand-cranking the automobile glass up and down in the first generation of the Ford Taurus. There are also toggle switches for raising and lowering the auto glass in Ford Taurus cars. When the engine of the window no longer works to raise or lower the auto glass, there are replacement engines and regulators for the engines. When moisture has intruded into the window of the Taurus, there are replacement seals and moldings to keep the glass in place.