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Ford Bronco Window Motors and Parts

Rolling your windows down helps you let some fresh air into the cab, which is why window motors are so important. Though the Ford Bronco went into production in 1966 and sold until 1996, not all models use the same motors. You'll need different Ford Bronco window motors and parts based on the age of your Bronco.

How does a window motor work?

The motor used in a Ford Bronco window is the same as those used on other Fords. It looks like a piece of metal with a cylindrical design. Ford chose a cylinder design because it lasts longer than other types. The cylinder has wires that attach to the window regulator. The regulator features a flat top surface that holds the window glass. When the regulator receives an alert from the motor, it makes the glass move either up or down. Some Bronco models produced by Ford have a power system. Older models use a standard crank to operate the windows.

Can you use the same motor parts in all Broncos?

You cannot use all Ford Bronco parts on all models because of changes to the design of the vehicle. Ford released the Bronco in 1966 as a sporty model that drivers could take off paved roads. Some racers used this model on tracks, too. Ford released a total of five different generations before ending production in 1996. Those made in the 1990s typically use some type of power window motor that relies on switches, wires, and other controls. Ford Bronco models made in earlier years use a standard crank system. These systems let you roll windows up and down via a crank and lock and unlock your doors manually.

Does the tailgate use the same motor as the windows?

One feature of the Bronco not found on other Fords is a gate on the back. The gate has its own handle and door lock as well as a key cylinder. Most models have a gate that will sit flat when opened. You and your passengers can sit on the Bronco gate without it breaking or loosening. The gate on the Ford Bronco also comes with a window motor. You can insert your key and turn it to roll that window up or down when the engine is off. This motor also responds to a switch placed near the dashboard on later editions. You need to use a different motor on the gate than you would use on other windows.

Is Ford the only company that makes Bronco parts?

Window motors for the Ford Bronco work on both the driver and passenger side as well as the gate. Ford offers replacement parts for the Bronco that are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Some of these motors work on older or newer models of the Bronco. The Ford Bronco works with parts and motors made by other companies too. Companies that make compatible window parts and motors include ACI, ACDelco Professional, Dorman, and Cardone Industries.