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Dodge Grand Caravan Window Motors and Parts

Dodge featured the Grand Caravan for the 1987 model year. The Dodge Grand Caravan continues in the fifth generation with the 2018 model. With such a highly-used area, Dodge Grand Caravan window motors and parts should be included in with the routine maintenance of this vehicle.

Why is the passenger side window tipping back and forth?

Usually when the window on your Dodge Grand Caravan begins to slant back and forth on the interior of the door frame it indicates a clip is broken. The clips are plastic pieces attached the window system's regulator. Often, you are able to just replace the clip with Dodge Grand Caravan parts; however, there may be times when the entire regulator needs attention. It is recommended to start with the clip replacement. If you still notice excess movement after that, you may need to either repair or replace the regulator.

Why won't the driver's window go down on the Dodge?

You may want to research a couple of possible parts causing this problem on your Grand Caravan. The part that controls the movement of the window is the regulator. It is responsible for the up and down motion of the glass. The actuator, or motor, is the immovable part that controls the others on your Dodge. If you can hear the motor working when you press the switch, then that indicates it is working. The likely culprit is the regulator.

Why did the window fall inside of the Dodge door?

There could be a few reasons why the window glass on your Dodge Grand Caravan fell inside the car door. The regulator rivets might have worn out and broken. The control arm could have failed. There's a strong possibility that it could also be the regulator itself that has malfunctioned.

Can the Dodge Grand Caravan window regulator be repaired?

A regulator repair kit for the Grand Caravan is an option. The Dodge kit should provide you with the cable wires, clips, and roller. The kit is appropriate for all windows, but each Dodge Grand Caravan kit services only one window.

How to know if the Grand Caravan switch is failing?

The Dodge Grand Caravan's window power switch sends the electrical messages to the motor, which then transmits to the regulator. One way to tell if the window switch is failing is noticing that all of the doors' switches have stopped working. Check the master switch on the driver's door to make sure it hasn't been shut off. Once you've done that, move on to the fuses and relay.

If you notice that only one of the Dodge's window switches is malfunctioning, continue through similar steps. First, check the universal switch, then listen for the window motor, and move on to the fuses, and the relay. Another symptom of a failing switch is irregular window movement.